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User Info: yunie_lady_luck

10 years ago#1
I was wondering if this was on wii shop
Would you buy It?
I would I don't5 have the game just manga
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User Info: noidentity

10 years ago#2
No I wouldn't because I own a copy of the game, not that it would happen.

User Info: Chewurface

10 years ago#3
Only the SNES MKR game would have a chance of appearing no the VC, and it's a totally different game, and was never released in English (officially).
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User Info: MARl0

10 years ago#4
It'll never happen, because the Saturn is way too complex for the Wii to emulate.

However, if it hypothetically did make it onto the Virtual Console, I would definitely buy it. I already have the game of course, but my Saturn is in storage right now. Plus the shear convenience of having the game available at the drop of a hat on my Wii, would be awesome. Not to mention that having the game running in progressive scan on my TV would be great.
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