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This game did it best, and is severely underrated
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
EmperorEhryn169/15 4:21PM
A couple of questions (possible spoilers)StormswordX19/5 12:47AM
Sleep doubles physical damageLockeadon17/23 10:50AM
Leveling upthiswasnttaken47/1 8:02AM
Flame Sword / Red Dragon Cavethiswasnttaken46/29 4:49PM
2 dungeon in a row where i can't use all the character? Really game?Lockeadon55/12 9:14PM
Why the heck does the battle ui default to the worst command, ai?Lockeadon84/25 9:26AM
Why can't i pick up althena's sword as soon as i become dragonmaster?Lockeadon34/16 8:21PM
Ghaleon tear doesn't work with multiple attacks? How disappointingLockeadon94/15 5:22PM
What happened to Luna between blue dragon shrine and black dragon fortress?Lockeadon54/1 7:02AM
Should i use flame sword in blue dragon to hit weakness or great sword for moreLockeadon13/22 1:12PM
Mia is so slow she almost never gets to attack before everything is dead.WouldLockeadon23/19 3:29PM
Why does Alex have such poor mp? Dragon magic is mostly the most expensive magicLockeadon43/19 9:44AM
Why doesn't nash fight in meridia sewers?Lockeadon63/19 7:17AM
Is there a list of drops anywhere?Lockeadon73/19 7:03AM
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (and Eternal Blue) Un-Worked version?Calmlander63/13 2:08PM
Will try no Equip playthroughMrMcMahon21/16 5:06AM
awesome secret mega strong game breaking items!Teremei101/2 8:15AM
Crystal Staff for sale in Vane?XxGhaleonxX111/29 11:58PM
Lunar Bluestyro888211/28 7:44AM
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