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  2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  3. How come child Link isn't allowed to handle the master sword in this game?

User Info: Sega9599

1 month ago#1
In alttp, Child Link wielded the master sword.

Here, he is deemed too young. How about in other games like Wind Waker or Minish Cap? He doesn't need to sleep for 7 years then.

Then again, it wasn't the master sword itself who put Link to sleep. It was the sages.
Perhaps without their meddling, Child Link could have beaten Ganon without a timeline split at all!
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User Info: MistressFi

1 month ago#2
Actually, it was the Master Sword that sealed him. Zelda says so. The sages hadn't been awakened by that point.

He was older in A Link to the Past, the Master Sword wasn't featured at all in The Minish Cap, and as you pointed out, the entire plot of The Wind Waker would not have played out if not for the Hero of Time being sealed away for seven years. I imagine Fi had simply learned to be a little more lenient when it came to judging the new hero, especially since her powers were drained due to the sages being killed off. Also, despite what the prologue of The Wind Waker tells you, the Hero of Winds is older than the Hero of Time and is more physically capable and fit than him, too.

And above all else, Ocarina of Time was the only game in which the sword had anywhere to put Link, since it was acting as a key to the Sacred Realm when he tried to claim it. In every other game, it's just a sword planted in a slab of stone.
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User Info: Awakened_Link

1 month ago#3
Maybe Fi was hesitant about trusting herself with some little kid since the sword hasn't been handled by anyone since before Hyrule even existed, so she waited until Link matched the age of her previous master from SS.
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User Info: NemesisOgreKing

3 weeks ago#4
The Master Sword seems to be the size of Child Link. Child Link can't even use the Hylian Shield properly due to it's size.
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  2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  3. How come child Link isn't allowed to handle the master sword in this game?
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