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  3. Help me understand why this is the best game of all time

User Info: mrdemeanor

5 months ago#1
Please help me understand why this is the best game of all time. I just don't understand it. Why is this game better than tetris, space invaders, donkey kong, pacman, street fighter 2, mario 3, super mario world, counterstrike, starcraft? Was OoT the first 3d adventure game? Tomb Raider came out in 1996. Was it the first 3d metroidvania?

I am really in pain and so confused. I don't even think it was the best console game of its generation (symphony of the night). Heck not even the best nintendo 64 game (mario 64).

Please I beg of you. Explain it to me.

User Info: csungradpiano

5 months ago#2
Well look at it this way of the 3 big Nintendo series, Mario, Metroid, Zelda, their 2D>3D firsts, Zelda did it the best.

User Info: Naruto_fan_42

5 months ago#3
I would say the 3 big Nintendo series are Mario, Zelda, and SSB now, Metroid kind of died after Other M
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User Info: Rustykranz

5 months ago#4
There is no best of all time.

That being said, there are certain games that do things for a franchise that no others can do and they become iconic for that. This was one of them.
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User Info: bedman02

4 months ago#5
you have to had played it as a kid to understand it. The plot was deep and immersive, pretty much every single area of the game had something of interest, the dungeons were fun and challenging, bosses were all unique and no fight was the same. I remember the forest temple giving me the creeps as an 8-year-old kiddo. As soon as you walk in you’re greeted with a creepy music that sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the temple, and only a few steps later out of nowhere come out two wolfos come out of nowhere and howl their cry of battle before charging at you. This and a thousand other experiences throughout the entire journey are what make this the best game of all time

User Info: Paper_Mario_4

4 months ago#6
I think the game can still be seen as something paramount in the gaming industry if an adult were to first experience now, but I sort of agree that there was a 'magical' aspect that added to everything when playing it as a kid

I can still go into great depth as to why it is the greatest game of all time, in my opinion, if you would like. @me and I shall give you my thoughts on the game, completely, to the best of my ability in something of summary form I would probably do it
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User Info: Chen06

2 months ago#8
Arguably, Tetris is the best game of all time. But as Tetris doesn't have an ending, the only reason to not play Tetris anymore is by getting bored. The same goes for other games without a clear ending. Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World are really good Mario games. They may not be as repetitive as Tetris, but they are iterative. Every game in the series is not that different from the next one. This makes it hard to even pick the best Mario game, let alone the best game of all time. Another factor is that Mario games have just about the right length. Once I beat a Mario game, I have enough.

Ocarina of Time tells an epic story, but the cut scenes aren't too long, so they don't get in the way of your gameplay. Unlike Mario, where the usual formula is to go from left to right until you reach the end, Zelda originally was all about exploring, which is enhanced by being in 3D. For Mario 64 some ingenuity was required to even make it work on the hardware. So multiple "levels" had to be crammed into the same stage. So Mario still works in 3D, but Zelda gets a boost by being 3D. It blew everyone's mind. You could play it everyday for weeks straight and when you were done, you wanted it to last longer, since it's a fairly short game.

There's also the thing were the N64 barely had any games compared to the PSX, so everyone on the N64 could fairly easily agree on which the best game was, while people on the PSX had so many games of similar quality that it was just impossible to reach a large consensus. And while the PSX player base was pretty fractured over many games, pretty much everyone with a N64 also had Zelda. So everyone with an N64 could agree that Zelda was the best game and the PSX crowd couldn't agree on the best PSX game. N64 players didn't really get to experience all PSX or PC games or whatever, so they just extrapolated from best N64 game to best game of all time and nobody else was confident to throw in a contender or if they did, nobody had their back, so that's why Ocarina of Time is known as the best game of all time, even though every reasonable gamer who has played it knows deep inside their heart that Metroid III for SNES is the best game of all time, because it has no flaws and can be a completely different experience each time it is replayed.
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User Info: HylianKnight1

2 months ago#9
It was groundbreaking for its' time and still stands as a fine example of excellent game design.
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User Info: mrdemeanor

4 weeks ago#10
I am not quite satisfied with the answers so far but I am reminded again by a recent poll of botw vs oot with oot winning.

So I'll ask specifically what makes oot a better game than Starcraft or Half-Life? Both games were also released in 1998 and they basically put esports on the map.

Or what about games that are still playable today, were hugely popular back then, were milestones on their on right and spawned franchises that are still continuing today? Something like Civilization, Street Fighter 2, etc.

My theory is that back then pc gaming was underrated. Furthermore the early internet boom and transition from 2d to 3d also contributed to its mythical status and giving it more exposure to the mainstream than the older games. But it still doesn't explain why its rated higher than mario 64.

I will be very specific. What makes this a better game than starcraft, half-life or mario 64?
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