You get WHAT for collecting 100 gold skulltulas??

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  3. You get WHAT for collecting 100 gold skulltulas??

User Info: DeepSeaDeku

8 years ago#1
A.... RUPEE????? Is that a joke?? I was expecting something cool after all that work. Oh my god.
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User Info: drewman1230

8 years ago#2
Unlimited rupees! but I agree, considering rupees are pretty worthless in this game, considering how easy it is to keep you wallet filled.
Drew Scott, 2005 SWCCG World Champion

User Info: Gaming_Mastery

8 years ago#3
Almost everybody at Nintendo's a troll.
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User Info: Nikra

8 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: ultravaidd

8 years ago#5
You get 200 rupees, and you can keep going back and getting 200 rupees over and over again.

It's actually a pretty cool reward.
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User Info: Cirevam

8 years ago#6
It's a cool reward if you get it before you buy everything in the game, but you don't so it's not. Well, maybe it's useful for buying all those Bombchus...
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User Info: KingOfHyrule

8 years ago#7
It's unlimited money. UNLIMITED MONEY. But are there unlimited things to buy? No, what there is to buy is extremely limited. It would be like if I had ten million dollars and I decided to spend it all in the dollar store.
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User Info: drewman1230

8 years ago#8
by the time you kill all of the skulltulas there is NOTHING to buy. Its a pretty worthless prize, but then again what could they possibly give you so late in the game that would be beneficial? I think instead of having that big gorron sword there should be a gold Skulltula sword... make it the most powerful weapon in the game and look badass as well. that would be a prize with some merit at least.
Drew Scott, 2005 SWCCG World Champion

User Info: Goombacrusher

8 years ago#9
I think the unlimited money is to give you free roam of the game. You can basically never run out of supplies sinse you can keep getting more money, so that is a symbol that "you've done everything, time to have fun and **** around!"
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User Info: BlueGunstarHero

8 years ago#10
^ I agree to that; same thing as getting all those lives from Yoshi in Mario64. Now you can fish, play bombchu bowling, horesback archery, and all the other minigames as much as you want.
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  3. You get WHAT for collecting 100 gold skulltulas??

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