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  3. Did anyone happen to save all those dungeon analyses from earlier?

User Info: Runite

11 years ago#1
Remember the guy who broke down what he thought each temple was for, and the history of it and such? Does anybody still have those?

User Info: 9weerwolf

11 years ago#2
*Shakes head with a sad face* I have'nt... :( And those temple analyses rocked, they made me see the Forest, Fire, Water and Shadow Temples in a different way. If my memory's not letting me down, the TC of those temple analyses was about to create an analysis about the Spirit Temple, but when he made it he needed more ideas...
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User Info: Gray_Pancake

11 years ago#3
I have the Forest, Shadow and Water temple ones saved on my computer, as well as a few other interesting theories discussed in those topics.

If there were any others they'd on my other computer which I can't really use at the moment, but I can post/email you the ones I have if you want, Runite.

Oh, and those were made by phoenix85044 btw. (IIRC)

User Info: soccor567

11 years ago#4
Huh, those seem interesting. Gray, can you send them to Keyblademaster@trans-video.net

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User Info: Jeod_Cripto

11 years ago#5
You mind sending them to my yahoo? tylerpolk12@yahoo.com
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User Info: Runite

11 years ago#6
Can you just repost them, Gray? I bet there's a lot of people who'd like to see them.

User Info: Gray_Pancake

11 years ago#7
Bleh, I'll just post them here.

Here's the first: Forest Temple

Everyone knows that the Temples in OoT are mainly based off of other types of building structures: Shadow Temple is a mausoleum, Fire Temple a jail, Spirit Temple a shrine of worship. So what is the Forest Temple? And what can we extrapolate about the Forest Temple (FT from now on)?

Immediately entering the area of the Sacred Meadow directly outsid the FT, we see high stone walls. Walking into the actual FT, we are inside the walls, but still outside a large building. In the center of the building, the main room, are branches to all other rooms in the building. In the back, there are two courtyards where you can even see the sky and more high walls away from the building. Deep inside the FT, the boss lair looks like a parlor. Judging from the building's defense structure, courtyards, a sewage system, and hidden location in the woods, the FT was most likely a castle.

However, now it is an abandoned castle, a haunted, abandoned castle. Why might this be so?

Considering Hyrule's bloody history, written all over the torture chambers in the Shadow Temple, it makes me believe that a great atrocity happened at the FT. The FT is situated in the far back of the forest, hidden deep away. It was most likely a final stronghold against invaders. After invaders got through the Lost Woods, they had to go through a small maze in the Sacred Meadow, most likely some sort of defensive measure. Indeed, a portcullis can even bar off the maze, trapping invaders within, forcing them to reach the FT. Guards of the FT, from the higher ground gained by the ladder could snipe off victims in the maze.

If invaders somehow broke through, they'd have to enter a narrow passage. More archers at the top could snipe away enemies and only a few guards could tackle on huge armies and still successfully defend (think 300). When all else failed, the actual FT is on yet even higher ground, with stairs (crumbled now) to reach it. Higher ground is always more advantage, especially for defense.

Thus, I feel that the FT is a castle, although more precisely a stronghold as a final defense. Inside, there are fine carpets, many rooms, a fairly relaxing courtyard (if monsters weren't around). This makes me believe that nobility or royalty used the FT as a final stand against invaders, and that they hid here.

However, the FT is now destroyed mostly; perhaps the invaders made it into the FT. That would explain some of the crumbling architecture. Moreso, if invaders actually made it into the FT, everyone inside was most likely slaughtered. This probably explains the ghosts and ghouls and inhabit the FT now, remnants of people's souls, lingering in the FT, wanting revenge. Eventually, they even obtained magic as they aged, creating twisting corridors, falling ceilings, and a rotatable superstructure, without even destroyed the upper buildings.

Perhaps that rotatable superstructure was designed before. There are many rooms below, hidden behind the thick walls, shut off by bars. Perhaps this superstructure was always there, and that basement was a jail. Perhaps then, the parlor was actually a high class torture chamber, where the nobles would entertain themselves with the screams of victims. But I digress.

User Info: Gray_Pancake

11 years ago#8
Now, the Stalfos are most likely age old guards, long dead, who still protect this castle. And who are the four female ghosts? Their portraits are on the walls, with the exception of Meg, although the images burned off, charred black. It makes me believe they were four ladies of the nobility. Why do they persist to haunt the FT? Something traumatic must have happened for them to want to kill Link. Considering the invaders were most likely male, as soldiers were mostly male, these four women might have been raped, tortured, and murdered. Thus, they continue to live, waiting to exact their revenge (which happens to be on poor old Link).

The invaders gone, the people residing in the castle all dead, the ghosts beginning to rise from the dead, the FT is finally abandoned. Overgrowth starts forming on the walls, perhaps ivy. The staircase to the actual FT is destroyed, either through weather or the invaders attempting to close off the castle forevermore. Many many years later, the ghosts eventually disappear as Saria appeases them (although how a little girl entered is still beyond me). After Ganondorf comes into power, he releases the spirits once again, who immediately turn on Saria, and even keep her in the boss lair, the nobleman's torture room.

And thus, we have Link enter, oblivious to all the horrors behind the Forest Temple, what I personally consider the most disturbing place in the game.

Of course, this is purely speculative.

That's one of the ones you were talking about, right TC?

User Info: Runite

11 years ago#9

User Info: Gray_Pancake

11 years ago#10
Alright. Here's the Shadow Temple. (I also have a couple theories about the Lens of Truth and one about Bongo Bongo that were posted in the topic for this. If you want, I can post those too.

supposed someone did request this. But I really only thought through the Forest Temple a lot, not so much the Shadow Temple, or any other Temple for that matter. They simply don't have as much to tell, IMO.

Shadow Temple, a mausoleum in the back of the Graveyard, quite literally a house of the dead. Everywhere inside the Shadow Temple (ST from this point on), there are ghouls in the walls and fake walls that tell you about the blood of Hylians from ages past.

The walls in some of the rooms are made of the bones of the dead, mostly skulls. Most importantly, Dead Hand's room. It attacks by biting you, as if trying to eat you. It seems as though, then, that Dead Hand was fed people. Basically, the preceding rooms would scare captives, destroying their nerves, with skulls on the walls, a few of them with glowing eyes. Then, they would be forced into Dead Hand's room, bars preventing their escape. Dead Hand would eventually rise up and feast on their bodies, probably adding it to the walls (I get the feeling that the room is supposed to actually be surrounded by mounds of bones, not walls, but N64 texture is so limited). The red wounds on Dead Hand were most likely caused by captives who tried to retaliate, cutting Dead Hand's body and arms.

To progress, one must go to a giant head with arms, his tongue as a platform to reach with the Sacred Feet. Why is it a tongue and mouth? Demons in many cultures are said to devour the living and quite literally, you are entering the darkness, to be consumed by it. However, in the end, I feel this was, once again, just a decoration.

We find dual reapers with giant scythes. This room may have been used to behead captives in droves, but considering how easy it is to avoid the scythes, it is unlikely. There is a shortcut to the ferry from this room, and that was probably the main purpose. The second time we find scythes, they are invisible.

Then there's the Rain of Pain. Potentially a very useful killing device, it would stab through everyone below. It that did not kill them, the shear weight of the Rain of Pain probably would. There seem to be a few jails in here as well. I wonder what they might serve. Why would Hylians jail people here? I'll answer this later.

Gigantic skulls can be found. They would most likely strike terror into anyone's heart. Why is there fire inside? Why, to throw bodies into it, of course. Anyone thrown inside would be burned alive, without any chance of crawling out. Perhaps a cremation device, although I'm not sure how Hylians would empty it.

Finally, we reach the ferry, and everything will soon start to come together. The ferry is simply a ride across Styx to reach the Hell at the end. We see the giant bird, although why it is here is still unknown. There is, ironically, a symbol of the Triforce on the ferry. The ST is the domain of the Goddesses? Perhaps. Or maybe it's just the domain for those who worship the Goddesses.

At the very end of the ferry, there is a large gap. It looks as though there used to be a bird statue that acted as a bridge across. It has most likely fallen apart and crumbled into the abyss. The bird, I suppose I should say now, is likely either a raven or crow, two birds often associated with the darkness. I personally think it's a crow, as the name of a flock of crow is "murder." It has appeared as a statue at the very beginning, on the ferry, and here as another tall statue.
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