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  3. Man, what a game this was!

User Info: SpaceshipDragon

9 months ago#1
My favorite thing about this game will always be all the crazy stuff you do. Sure there is downtime and pacing, but the events feel so epic!

Save your home village from total destruction!
Break your girlfriend out of an impenetrable jail!
Save a knight, then meet the king in the capital and report in!
Defend a fortress from super soldiers and giants, and awaken and ancient power!
Traverse through a volcano and destroy a phoenix and and ancient monster!
Raid the lair of a mighty dragon and defeat it!
Visit an ancient shrine, outsmart a master thief and receive more ancient magical power!
Break into the prison AGAIN and save the king and the kingdom!
Sneak into the enemy nation and defeat the evil emperor!

And that's just disc 1! It's just so epic what you do... I wonder how other games would look summarized like this.

User Info: SpaceshipDragon

9 months ago#2
And I forgot the best part of disc 1: Meet a traveling wanderer with mysterious powers and an old karate master who join up for adventure!

Then Disc 2:

Discover a town overrun with Bandits and meet royalty!
Travel the land and learn a husband has been kidnapped! A beautiful dancer joins your team!
Travel through a broken land with no laws of gravity to chase down the bandits!
Defeat their leader, recover your ancient power and save the kidnapped man, then attend his wedding! Also a powerful giant joins your team!
Uncover a plot by the bandits to abduct the princess and replace her, then defeat the plot only to discover the imposter belongs to an ancient race of magical super-beings!
Chase her down by sailing the oceans on the most powerful ship in the world!
Crash into a haunted ghost ship and discover more ancient intrigue!
Survive the sinking of the ghost ship and wake up on a tropical paradise!
Journey through an undersea cave to reunite with your party! Defeat ANOTHER dragon and the magical imposter!
Return to the castle for a magical ball after saving the kingdom!

User Info: SpaceshipDragon

9 months ago#3
And it's not over, not even close!

Disc 3:

Travel to a new continent and save a boy and a town from a rampaging giant wolf, why not?
Visit the northern capital and meet royalty in a giant crystal skycraper!
The king of all dragons has been freed from his prison and attacks the palace in the capital!
Visit a hidden magical city, home of the last living group of magical super-beings!
Travel to an ancient land to retrieve a super-powerful item capable of defeating the dragon!
Defeat the king of dragons!
Travel to other ancient hidden cities to learn the truth about history and chase the villain!

User Info: SpaceshipDragon

9 months ago#4
Disc 4:

Travel through a blazing desert in pursuit of the villain!
Visit another ancient city full of magical beings and learn the truth about your team!
Return to the castle and sail your warship to a remote village of karate masters!
Travel through the City of Law, the City of Magic, and the City of death to stop the moon from crashing to earth!
Climb a colossal, ancient magical tree to battle the god of destruction before he can destroy the world!

Yeah it's quite a journey, really need to replay this one soon.

User Info: Grandlethal364

9 months ago#5
Riveting summary! Can you do abstracts for academic articles? Research could be so much more engaging...
Mankind united with infinitely greater purpose in pursuit of war than he ever did in pursuit of peace.

User Info: SpaceshipDragon

9 months ago#6
Nope, only for games I haven't played in a few years! :)

User Info: Kanaya413

9 months ago#7
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User Info: ShizuruKuwabara

9 months ago#8
f*** disc 2

User Info: Master_Norris69

9 months ago#9
s***uruKuwabara posted...
f*** disc 2


User Info: SpaceshipDragon

9 months ago#10
s***uruKuwabara posted...
f*** disc 2

Nah... Worth it for Fletz alone. Nothing says "Legend of Dragoon" to me more than that theme.
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