Poison SP Building and Therapy Ring Thoughts

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User Info: Veneno_Cama

7 months ago#1
Hey, I bet this has been spotted before, but today I just found out that poison damage is considered a physical damage for equipment that gives you SP when you get hit with physical.

20 SP isn't that much at all near the end of the game, but I think it would speed up Shanna's Dlvling process a lot.

Can anybody think of better uses for it?

Also, I just realized sometimes for the random encounters it's better to give the slow characters the therapy ring and then use the speed up on them. Especially near the end of the game when monsters start throwing magic on the slow (re: magic weak) characters. Usually it only takes 3 turns to kill everything with the heavy hitters anyway.

Yes, you can use psycho bomb X with a power up, but this is a fun way to make Kongol a little more viable. Also giving dart the job of throwing a Speed up each battle slows down his progress a little bit. It's kinda boring when he's 80/80'd his additions. (I'm not one to grind on this game.)

As for bosses... hahah

User Info: pika25

7 months ago#2
For slower characters, it's best that they have the Shields (and Pandemonium, unless you're training said character). That way, the targetting attacks from foes won't be lethal, outside of their additional effects like Fear and stuff.

SP grinding, I still recommend you going to South of Serdio on the road under the mountains, close to Kazas, to fight OOPARTS. Thanks to Charm Potion's second effect in battle where it makes your fighter(s) immune to targetting attacks, that Special/Rare Monster is the easiest to defeat and drops a Spirit Potion. During the normal random encounters, have the fighter in Dragoon training consume the Spirit Potions, in addition of them using their highest granted Addition in battle.

It's mostly best to do this during Disc 1 and 2 where you're not carrying too much items.
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User Info: Yagaron21

7 months ago#3
I gave Kongol a legend casque (or whatever the one is that basically nullifies magic attacks), bandit shoes, and bandit ring. Un.Stoppable. also great for leveling up/ additions, especially with a speed uo

User Info: Forced_Fruition

6 months ago#4
@Veneno_Cama Never tried it but I guess you could use poison and platinum collar as a mage ring. Does Platinum Collar restore more than 10% of your MP?
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User Info: pika25

6 months ago#5
It's always 10 MP recovery.
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