What if Magician Faust wasn't an optional boss?

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User Info: Pennt1313

9 months ago#1
How would the game have gone if you had to fight him with Melbu? I imagine that it would make the final battle a LOT more difficult.

User Info: WindMouseHanpan

9 months ago#2
Faust actually wanted to overthrow Melbu and be the ruler of the world himself, so I doubt they would fight together. If anything, Faust would probably kill Melbu, and then become the final boss himself.

If he went even further, and became the god of destruction just like Melbu did...well.......Dart and friends would be in some trouble, that's for certain. When you consider how much it amplified Melbu's power (even if he wasn't the hardest boss, just think of some of the things he could do) it's scary to think of how powerful Faust could have become. By far one of the hardest final bosses in RPG history, if they reflected that power in-battle!
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User Info: Master_Norris69

9 months ago#3
He's not optional for me :) I love sticking it to that pompous bag of wind.

User Info: NeoRyujinZ

9 months ago#4
Faust as a final boss...

Well the difficulty (Considering all you got to prepare for serious pain is Rose Storm) would ramp up significantly. But at the same time, Faust is even weaker to physical attacks and Dragoon Additions than Melbu. Imagine the Divine Dragoon Addition on Faust; I bet you in Special it will do over 3500+ XP
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User Info: 1ofaDragon

8 months ago#5
I think that were gonna make magical faust a optional boss. Ya know, a "optional boss".
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  3. What if Magician Faust wasn't an optional boss?

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