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User Info: DuranDD

11 years ago#11
Albert for his personality and is useful with a Bandits Ring/shoes. Kongol is pretty good, but needs a Legend Casque or an item that defends against Magic Attacks.
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User Info: DarkEternal

11 years ago#12
Listen well, boy: It took hundreds to kill me, but I've slain humans by the thousands!

User Info: NarutoXtrem

11 years ago#13
Lavatz used to be my fav but ever since he died i had a chose between Albert and Haschel. But Albert's attacks are too fast so i couldn't do the combos too good and Haschel is pretty strong.....

User Info: NapalmmanDS

11 years ago#14
Albert sucks....>_>...his additions are easy but I just don't like him because he assumed he could replace Lavitz....
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User Info: irvine2k7

11 years ago#15
well i liked Lloyd best.

as far as the party goes...Meru or Haschel.
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User Info: irvine2k7

11 years ago#16
btw naruto plz PLEASE use spoiler warnings.
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain

User Info: Infinity_Dragon

11 years ago#17
I don't like Albert because he's a self serving ass.

LoD Spoilers
~Party Arrives in Fletz~
Dart: Alright, we should probably talk to the king. We need to warn him about the lunatic who killed our friend and is involved in a plot that endangers everyone on the planet.

Albert: I'm not going to reveal myself. While I travel with you guys, I want to be one of you, and not the king. You're on your own getting into the castle, lol.

~later, Albert meets the real Princess Emille~

Albert: By the way, did I mention that I was the king? Of Bale? That's me. King Albert. You're hot.

When it comes to saving the world and the lives of millions, he doesn't want to reveal who he is. But when it's time to get laid? Bam. The king card is played at ludicrous speed. I noticed this on my most recent playthrough, and it bothered me a lot.
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User Info: Shotgunnova

11 years ago#18

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And watch the city spread out just like a jet's flame

User Info: Fayt_Esteed

11 years ago#19
Miranda. Especially for the part where she slaps Rose.
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11 years ago#20
NO FAYT!!! Miranda is a bad character. She doesn't even deserve to be a dragoon because of her angry nature
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