5 months ago #1
Despite warnings from local mayors Lori Lightfoot and Jim Kenney about the possible spread of Covid-19.

It's half time now and here's the report: https://i.imgur.com/AofZ2Ij.jpg

Phil Jackson is coaching a risky game. Forcing his golden all-star Michael Jordan to play the complete half of six minutes. Jordan appeared to be winded at the end of the half, so harshly that he required a ventilator to breathe. Good thing medics were on the scene and offered him a quick fix with ventilators from Seoul, South Korea.

Despite the dangerous coaching from Jackson; he's outsmarted the 76ers head coach Larry Brown. Larry Brown was witnessed to have been too busy to play-call because of his continuous arguments with fans over the usage of certain racial aspersions on the Chinese fans.

Michael Jordan is the present M.V.P. of the game. Scoring 24 of the Bulls 36 points in the first half on 11/12 shooting with a blaze of miscalls that should've netted Jordan even more points. Allen Iverson, a highly anticipated shooting guard from Georgetown on his sophomore year is a no-show this evening. It's been rumored he skipped last night's practice for a stroll to the casino for a rendezvous with local working girls and betting on black every turn of Roulette. Iverson is said to have great pride in his upbringing, influencing his decisions in life.

Well, half-time is almost over. Back to the game. Updates pending.