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User Info: Mezmorize99

8 years ago#11
Oh, and as far as other passwords go, I'm 99% sure that there are only those two.
But I'm sure there has to be a difference between the two.

I could look into some type of mod, but I could only do simple things such as swapping rooms or whatever. Kinda just depends on how each game is coded and if there files are archived/encrypted on the disc or not.

My current mission (before the 1TB hard drive loss) was to find new passwords in PS1 games. A-Z I've got up to M before takin' a break. Now, I'm slightly getting back into SMS/SGG codes.

You can see the one's I've submitted here ( http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/85979.html )
But truthfully, I believe there are more passwords that I've found that I did NOT submit, 'cause I didn't know what they did (like this game).

Also, I've corrected around 100 wrong/fake/mistyped passwords, that GameFaqs does not give credit to.


User Info: Mezmorize99

8 years ago#12
LOL, just though I would add that you were likely the first person in the world (that didn't help create the game) that's ever used that password, since I never did try it out myself.


User Info: RiskBreakerY

8 years ago#13
Oh ok, you have to type in the password at the "Name Her" screen right after you start a new game. The protagonist's name is Millennia I think but you have to delete it and input the password to get the desired 2800 Ark at the start (yup it's cash for traps).

Well, I only played the first two missions but any discernible differences between the passwords would have been apparent by then for sure in the gameplay or something. I could be wrong though...actually, I hope I am.

And wow, that's a lot of codes for games. Hopefully, you'll have another notch on your belt with Kagero! I certainly won't be the last to use the password if it turns out to be more helpful other than the obvious benefit of getting extra Ark from the get-go.
1:59 new game Vagrant Story completion

User Info: servb0ts

8 years ago#14
try playing the other 3. i own all 4 Deception games in there series. PS2 Trapt my favorite followed by this thand Deception III lol.

User Info: natsumerio

8 years ago#15
I assume that you guys have also heard of TRAPT for the PS2? It's the latest game in the series.
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