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  3. Think Rare will bring this franchise back on Xbone?

User Info: PLUTO44

1 year ago#1
It would be smart to do so.
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User Info: Sadko2

1 year ago#2
Maybe, but knowing Rare who knows if they will.

(Considering how long it took them to make Banjo 3, and there is still no Banjo 4!)

User Info: billwalton

1 year ago#3
I'd be extremely surprised if they did. A lot of Xbone owners are too young to have played it on the 64 and there was lots of crying about the controls on the Rare Replay version which again suggests that a lot of the install base wasn't around for the 64 days.

I'd like to see Nintendo talk with Microsoft about some of the old Rare titles. Microsoft is never going use them and the Switch could definitely use a game like JFG.

A man can dream though. Best game on the 64.

User Info: Goosio

1 year ago#4
Simple answer: No.

Longer answer: Rare seems to take a while with anything anymore. Which is actually part of the reason why Nintendo was ready to let them go.
If they have not released Perfect Dark 3 or Banjo 4 at this point, unlikely they will release this.
Remember how long it took to get a KI3?
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User Info: therobot2044

1 year ago#5
No, as people have already said.
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User Info: EvilResident

1 year ago#6
I guess it's finally time I play this game :)
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  2. Jet Force Gemini
  3. Think Rare will bring this franchise back on Xbone?
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