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User Info: billwalton

1 year ago#1
This game needs some more love. I just finished a quick run through in 4:41 and am on a JFG high. What is everyone's top-5 worlds and stages?

Here's mine:


1) Rith Essa - Huge, gorgeous, and I love the Mines. The Mines have some of the best atmosphere in any N64 game. Ascent's jet pack moment is one of the cooler parts of the game.
2) S.S. Anubis - It has one of the best tracks on the N64 and all three areas are a lot of fun. It has the best jet pack area in the game as well.
3) Goldwood - Juno's areas very basic, but Vela's and Lupus' parts are some of the best areas in the game. Vela's area is probably the hardest stage in the game.
4) Water Ruin - Great music and oozes atmosphere.
5) Ichor - Big Bug Fun Club and the rest of the world isn't bad either.


1) Mine - Rith Essa
2) Lost Island - Water Ruin
3) Castle - Tawfret - Feels like a proper castle siege with the tight hallways and shots coming at you from all angles. The way the enemies ramp in difficulty as you get closer to the boss is brilliant. My mind was blown the first time I played through the stage and came across the fully-shielded drones. Those fully-shielded drones up the intensity of the level significantly.
4) Perimeter - Ichor - Big Bug Fun Club. 'Nuff said.
5) Passageway - S.S. Anubis

HM: Lodge - Goldwood
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