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User Info: Jon Korbak

Jon Korbak
3 years ago#1
Just beat the game for what I think is actually the second time ever. It took me about an hour to beat Mizar. Once I realized that the key was just being patient and learning how to avoid damage, particularly on that awful electrical attack, I was mostly okay. It was tough, but not hair-pulling like some of the other challenges in the game (Floyd Missions, Jeff and Barry racing - and acing most of those is optional). And very satisfying once you finally ground him and just unload in his face with tri-rockets. 19 hours on the game clock. Now I kind of want to see if I can beat it faster. But I also can't afford to spend all weekend on it.

Dead board, still, I see. Thought maybe with Rare Replay out there would be some renewed interest. In any case it made me get my n64 back and play through again.
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