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  3. The final boss is one of the most cheapest thing i have seen in a videogame EVER

User Info: zherot

4 years ago#1
The last boss fight is ridiculous, his electric attacks is super cheap and they expect you to jump and aim and all of this stuff like you have to do it perfect like the cheap floyd mission you are forced to do to complete the game but the controls are one of the most awful in gaming history seriously and when i manage to beat the guy, here comes the second form... ARE YOU SERIOUS????, and investigating on the faqs there is not 2 no 3 F******************* FORMS!!!! no im done thank you im seeing then ending on youtube i cant stand cheap stuff.
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User Info: Too_many_names

4 years ago#2
You can beat it with enough practice...

Changing to the expert control setup helps a lot as well.
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User Info: MrElgawarg

4 years ago#3
I played through this game for the first time just this year, and the final boss took quite a lot of effort, yet I don't think he was cheap. The electricity is brutal but if you jump out of the way quickly enough you can escape without taking too much damage. As Too_many_names said, expert controls make things much easier due to it requiring less thumb movement to strafe and jump at the same time. Pay attention to when he telegraphs his electric attack (he raises his hand) and jump over it a split second before he shoots it, to avoid getting caught off-guard by his fast electric attack. If I recall correctly, the electricity starts by moving to the side of the platform you were closest to when he telegraphs the attack, giving you an idea of where to jump

Also, he really only has two forms. There's the first form where he has all his attacks and throws meteors at you once you deal a certain amount of damage at him, and then there's the second form where he loses his wings and you defeat him by blowing all his limbs off. The second form is VERY short compared to the lengthy first form, if you can conserve enough health you'll be able to do it with relative ease.

Personally I actually had no problem with the controls, adapted to them pretty quickly and found aiming in this much easier than it was in Goldeneye (in which I thought the aiming just wasn't sensitive enough), and weapons like the machine gun and homing missiles don't require too much precision anyway. Controls are pretty subjective though and if you still feel like you're fighting against them by the final boss then complaining is pretty reasonable.

Up to you if you ever want to try the fight again, though if this thread's anything to go off your choice is sounding pretty final.
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  3. The final boss is one of the most cheapest thing i have seen in a videogame EVER
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