Why do a lot of people hate this game?

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User Info: 6pieisgood9

10 years ago#1
And by a lot of people I mean these people:


I see only two (technically 3, but I don't think a 60% is positive) positive reviews. I think this game is much more deserving than that. Sure, this game has it's fair share of flaws, including unoriginality, camera, and a few glitches, but I have very fond memories of playing this game 10 years ago. I'm going through it again right now and I still find it very fun. I wouldn't say it's a masterpiece, but I think it's worthy of at least a 7. Also a common complaint I find about the game is the controls. I see almost no problems with them. One of my only complaints is that gliding is a little awkward for me.


(also, lol dead board)
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User Info: bookwormzzzz

10 years ago#2
I always loved this game and everything worked well for me. It was a great game for it's time when you consider it's competition, but I guess these new age gamers can't realize a good game.
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  3. Why do a lot of people hate this game?

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