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User Info: Ray_MK_III

10 years ago#11
I liked this. One of my 3 favorite games way back when, including Tomba and Oddworld.
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User Info: _mister_jazz_

10 years ago#12
Tomba was just a frilly pink haired pansy eating pigs, and oddworld was just an anorexic monstrosity talking to other anorexic monstrosities.

And yet, those games were so legendary ;_;. And as long as noone actually visits this board and I'm in nostalgia mode, I'm going to go ahead and say I LIKED SUPERMAN 64. I don't care if all you did was fly around in hoops in an incredibly unpopulated world, I have many fond memories of that game. Back on topic, I still hate this game.

User Info: Slayer_9999

10 years ago#13
I got linked here from wikipedia...
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User Info: Kevman1430

10 years ago#14
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User Info: Enshidia123

10 years ago#15
I love Jersey Devil but they changed quite a few things for the Australian Version
I: Jersey's eyes changed a bit, the balck became red and the red black
II: The Letter tokens became letters
III: No Hostages
IV: The K Box, Pumpkins, Nitro, Life and Numbers all changed. The K boxes went red, the pumpkins had faces on them, The Nitro said Nitro
V: There were no names to the level, we came up with our own (Mine are the Museum, Park, Cemetry, Toxic Waste Dump, Sewers and Final Area)
VI: We have no screen after blowing up the boss telling us who and what we rescued, we just went back downtown to a save screen
VII: Sound Effects were altered slightly
VIII: Some level designs changed, removing all signs the hostages were there
IX: I think some enemies were removed but I can't be sure
X: The Backgrounds in the save point and menu had a reddish theme
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User Info: jshark2000

10 years ago#16
Tomba is better than this.
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User Info: Enshidia123

10 years ago#17
Tombi is better yes but this is a great game (I have both)
Me Love classic Games... Me have no funny quote. U HAVE PROBLEM?

User Info: SonicFan188

10 years ago#18
I remember getting the PC version this game (yes, there is a PC version) when I was about 10 years old. And actually, it was the first 3D platform game I played (unless you count Sonic 3D Blast). Why this one? Because the most powerful console I owned at that time was a Sega Genesis, and I wasn't into computer games (despite having a PC). But a copy of the full game came with a video game magazine I used to buy, so I tried it. And even though this game isn't that great, I loved it for being my first 3D platform. I played it all the time (at times getting temporarily stuck in some parts that were confusing or too hard to me), until I finished it.

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