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User Info: BigIVIO

4 years ago#1
This is one I'm surprised has eluded these boards for all these years.

The requirements to trigger Ellen's Death Scene are as follows:

Ellen's Affection must be >= 30
It must be Year 2
It Must Be Spring
Marriage does not matter

You lose 20 Happiness for experiencing this event!

This event can be avoided by having Ellen's affection total lower than 30 during that month. It can also be avoided by ignoring Ellen throughout the entire month of Spring during Year 2. If you reach Summer of year 2 the scene will never trigger again no matter your affection gains.

User Info: Sam Van Dam

Sam Van Dam
4 years ago#2
Interesting that nobody looked into the exact requirements. I guess maybe because it's an undesirable event to do, the affection requirement is so low that it's unlikely to not reach it by Year 2, and it was already common knowledge when the event can take place. But now, now we know exactly how to murder that poor, sweet old woman.
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User Info: emurii

4 years ago#3
Oh my god, Sam /shot

Big, thanks for all of the work you're putting in on these!
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User Info: sebatrelles

4 years ago#4
What I gather is that the developers intended Ellen to die, and you as a player to be touched by this, deal with her death and move on. Elli is sad for a season or two but then she manages to keep the good memories and move on.

Reminds me of Chrono Trigger, with Lucca's mother's accident. The japanese version justified Lucca's interest on science to prevent what happened to her mother. The english version, of course, removed this.
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