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User Info: green_abobo

6 years ago#1
We need a modern gundam game like this, immediately.

Go ahead & reboot it, & sell it on all the major platforms infact because its like the jp. Blue destiny side stories games, only better!

i mean it features the iconic over the shoulder pop up aiming device , its c***pit based, lock on, multiple axis of control system... customizible loadouts....this is what journey to jaburo shouldve been .. that makes it pretty much the creme de la creme of gundam simulators, imo.

either that or make it like an ace combat / tc hawx, with togglible povs, including spece combat, both federation & zeon c***poits / suits, mobile armors,, etc. Whoa slow down there zippy..gettin ahead o meself heres.

Since i dont xpect the reboot any modern equivalent down the pike, i just might have to get me a dreamcast & a hard copy.

what say you as to a reasonable $ amount for both?

P.s hail zeon!!
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