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User Info: Soren10

8 months ago#11
You have a point, I don't think it has anything to do with the all of our love for GC wavering as much as it does that perhaps pretty much everything thing that can be said about the game has been said. There have already been dozens of topics like "what's your favorite town" "what's your favorite LT" etc.
Its not like our board is exactly buzzing either. In case this board does die and we aren't able to bring it back again I do want to say that I've been on this board on and off since 2007 or so, maybe a tad later. (Sorry this will be a small nostalgia fueled statement/rant whatever you want to call it.) but I will never forget sitting in the computer lab at school chatting away on this board and all of the awesome moments all along the way. Guardians Crusade has always been and always will be my favorite adventure I've ever had.
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User Info: Galestork

8 months ago#12
I very honestly could talk about this game for days, but I don't want to be that annoying kind of fan who never shuts up. :p I do have a place where I write out all my thoughts about it, I would be willing to share some topics of mine if others were interested!
Even then, I think it could still probably die down here and there, still for a lack of topics (though rare, I do have my dry spells lol) and also because of a lack of time to talk/think about it...
I'm happy GC is such a great experience for others. It's not a big game and it's not a big group of fans, but both things are heartwarming and happy. I'm very thankful for the chance to talk to others about it!!
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User Info: Calmlander

8 months ago#13
Exactly, i'm glad to be able to play this game too!

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