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User Info: PJammas

9 months ago#1
So, I played through all of Guardian's Crusade on the Japanese version to find this little guy for myself since i couldn't find any footage of him online. For those who don't know, Rust Bucket is an LT that was removed from the U. S. release of the game (I haven't played any of the PAL versions, but i doubt he's in any of them) He uses a move called "Russian Roulette" which randomly targets someone in battle (your side or the opponents) and instantly kills them (meaning if he decides to target Knight you instantly game over!) after hearing about this toy years ago I finally took the time to play through the Japanese version to see him for myself. I'll list off a bit of other info about him that I couldn't find online as well:

Where is Rust Bucket found?
He can be found in the basement of Castle Ryan (the long hall that has 3 rooms on each side, each room having a chest for 6 total) In the U. S. version the chests contain a Sick Weed, Earth Ring, Cheeseburger, Toadstool, another Toadstool, and finally, a Spinach Snack. In the Japanese version Rust Bucket is found in the chest that would contain a Spinach Snack in the U. S. version.

Is he actually useful?
No, definitely not, the first time I used him he killed Knight and I got a game over :(

So... That's everything I could think of, if you have any questions feel free to ask me :)

Oh, and I plan to upload footage of him to Youtube so everyone here can see him too :D
(I also plan to post an FAQ with translations of some of the Items/LTs which i made while playing, just in case anyone else wants to play the Japanese version for themselves)

And lastly I just wanna ask this board about other "missing" LTs, I remember hearing about an LT called Earshot which would tell you enemy weeknesses, but ive never found it and I don't think it exists, but if you can prove me wrong I'd be glad to hear it! (also if there's any other mysteries surrounding this game I would love to discuss them and hopefully solve them!)

User Info: Calmlander

9 months ago#2
Really impressive. Good work!

User Info: PJammas

9 months ago#3
Calmlander posted...
Really impressive. Good work!

Thanks! It wasn't easy, but i did it :)

User Info: Galestork

9 months ago#4
Great info!! Thank you for sharing!! I knew there was an LT that was taken out for localized games, but I haven't seen it in action personally. I'm looking forward to your video!

About Earshot, I can't find any evidence that it existed. Two of the Japanese guide books have LT lists/guides in them, but neither one mentions that particular toy. There is also a small list of scrapped LT ideas in one of the books, but Earshot wasn't mentioned there, either. Do you remember where you heard about it? It sounds like it could be a useful toy, maybe for some of the bigger battles or for monsters that look ambiguous type-wise.

I actually do have some things I'd like to talk about, if you feel up to discussing them!
1. Were you able to find the other henchman of Richten? I know there's one near a tent around Isten or something and then Richten himself can be found at San Claria. In one of my guide books, they bring this up and say where you can find those two but they say that second henchman's location is a mystery, implying that he's out there somewhere...To this day I still don't know where he is!

2. This isn't really a mystery, but more about your gameplay experience! Off the top of your head, what version differences are there? I played a little of the Japanese version myself and I noticed there's a small change in the dialogue in one of the scenes at Garam, and also that Zed Harbor's theme is a little different. Of course, there's the prologue itself and the main theme difference too..

User Info: PJammas

9 months ago#5
I'm always up to discuss a classic like this :)
I heard about Earshot from a guide on here, I can't remember which one, but I did actually just moments ago discovered an unused LT in the Japanese version through messing around with a hex editor, (it seems like both him and Rust Bucket don't exist in the U.S. version at all) its name roughly translates to "Equal" (according to google) he kind of looks like a balance scale with legs and his effect is making anyone who deals damage also take the damage they deal, does one of the Japanese guide books say anything about a toy like this?

Some other stuff I found was 2 unused pieces of equipment, the Relic Sword and the Relic Armor (these are present in the U. S. version) they add 255 to attack and defense respectively and there's no relic shield or helmet, It was most likely not supposed to be obtained and was just leftovers from debugging.

And to answer your questions:

1. I've never heard of this before, i didn't even know that they moved around later in the game honestly haha. I would love to find this mysterious second henchman one day though!

2. I didn't notice anything different at Garam (I wasn't really paying attention to the cutscenes since i couldn't read them haha) I did notice the music in Zed Harbor (I think I like the Japanese version of Zed Harbor's music better tbh) As for anything else, the only thing I really noticed was that there's no "Now Loading..." screen in the Japanese version, it's just black.

User Info: Galestork

9 months ago#6
Ooooh! I checked my book and I didn't see anything with that description listed...though, it does say that they had wanted to put in 100 LTs originally, so there's a lot out there for unused/scrapped ideas. I'm excited to have heard about one that the book doesn't list!!

While I was at it, I wrote down the unused LTs that were mentioned. The abilities were translated by google and partially by me, so I can't guarantee the accuracy of it, but the ideas are still there for the most part :P
Doru-man: Speeds up Knight's attacks and I guess takes away the command menu in doing so?
Ricchi: Takes the money earned in battle and adds interest to it
Ritual: No one can use healing items
Horian: Strength/Defense is raised by 50%?
Ekonomikan: PP required for LTs is cut in half
Reflector: Knight's attacks can damage a whole group of enemies
Dr. Sancho: Cures status effects
Inferno: Weaker version of Pyro
Undi-: Weaker version of Mermaid
Meganto: Weaker version of Avalanche
Sylph: Weaker version of Windmeister

Here are some links to pictures of the page (sorry I don't have a scanner so they're not great quality!):

That's interesting about the Relic stuff, I was going to say that I think I remember seeing those listed on a cheat code page....I guess they were supposed to be similar to the Zeppetto helm with their high stats? Makes me wonder why there isn't a shield like that..

Can I ask, are you using pec as the hex editor or something else? I've always wanted to dig around in the game's files/codes and stuff, but I never found anything that worked well (that plus I'm not great at hacking or anything like it to begin with lol).

Also, here's a picture of the page for the missing henchman!
It's so ominous and I LOVE that they have little things in the game like this.

User Info: PJammas

9 months ago#7
Wow, that's all really interesting, thanks for posting it! also, just to note that I just finished my finals for school yesterday, so I'll have more time to make the video I wanted to make :)

The relic equipment has stats of +255 and the zeppetto helm only gives +49, so I don't think they're related sadly... even the platinum stuff is only about +70 so I doubt that the relic sword and armor were intended to be obtainable at all, however what you said makes me think that maybe they were planning to put a full relic set of armor into the game with similar stats to the zeppetto helm in one of the holy armor dungeons like castle ryan, but then decided against it since you can just get the platinum stuff at that point, thus they were never fully programmed in properly, that's just speculation on my end though, and I can't really back it up with anything, so im gonna stick with the theory that it was used for testing purposes since many RPGs have debug equipment in them that is insanely strong.

as for the hex editor, I couldn't really get pec to work with epsxe, so I've been using a program called PSXGameEdit to edit my save files in hex. It would be interesting to get the pec hex editor working though, since I think it might be able to show the numbers changing live while the game is being played, which would certainly be interesting. Honestly, I hardly know anything about hacking either, so I'm just kind of learning as I go :P

The next thing I really want to figure out is if there are bytes of data to determine what location the player is in, I would assume that would exist, and if I can figure out what it is, then maybe we could find some unused maps possibly? I'm actually really excited about this, there's potentially a lot of hidden stuff in this game that no one's found yet.

Thanks for helping out btw! Just out of curiosity, where did you get that guidebook anyway?

User Info: Galestork

9 months ago#8
Of course! Congrats on finishing your finals! :D

Oops, you're right, my mistake! To be honest, the planning for the equipment seems very haphazard to me...There are a couple of almost complete sets that are missing one or two pieces (Obro shield and armor, but nothing else; Hawk sword, shield and armor, but no helm; etc.), there's the overwhelming lack of helmets in general, the fact that there are two different Kuldian Armors...Who knows what they were thinking! I think the testing theory for the Relic stuff makes the most sense, since nothing else has stats like that.

Nice!! It looks pretty straightforward! I haven't tried pec yet, but I'm tempted to now that you mentioned the possibility of live numbers...that would definitely be useful in figuring some of the stuff out, I think! I'm wondering, I've seen some "impossible" screenshots of in-game you think it would be possible to make something like this happen?:
I think getting Legend and Baby's transformation would be simple enough, but Yugonga at Galestork's nest...? If nothing else, the ability to just mess around with situations like that would be a lot of fun!
I am right there with you about the excitement! There's already so much to find out about the game, even just on the surface, that I'm sure there's got to be some kind of hidden something or other in the codes somewhere. I'm really honest to God ready to just dig into this game right now lol.

I'm glad to, I love this game and I love talking about it! I got the book online, there are three of them and I think you should be able to find them on the Yahoo! Japan auction site thingy, Rakuten, or I think even Amazon Japan has some in stock. If you're interested, Buyee is a very good middleman company that you can buy them through! Here are the covers for each one (the pink one with the really small picture is the one with the scrapped LT list, I think!):
They're all your basic walkthrough guides with monster/item/LT lists, but they also have high res art that's virtually impossible to find anywhere else! I think the blue-ish grey one has a small section in the back for concept art, too.

User Info: PJammas

9 months ago#9
Hmm... I've never seen that screenshot with Yugonga at the cave of fear before... It's also interesting that it couldn't just be a placeholder battle background since you can't have Legend or baby with the fatbat transformation at that point, let alone just having baby to fight Yugonga!

I plan to keep digging at this game as much as I can, but I think I'm gonna focus on getting my video I wanna make done (which includes a bit more testing to figure out all of the details of the unused toy) and finishing my translation guide for the game. After that I'll probably start digging a little more. I might get some of those strategy guides as well! I'd love to see if you're able to find anything out yourself through messing with the hex editor, if not, no worries of course, but that'd be cool!

Lastly, would you be interested in making a Discord server for this game? I've been thinking about that a bit since It's probably easier than going back and forth on here.

User Info: Galestork

9 months ago#10
None of it makes sense lol I've seen a lot of weird screenshots like that (Baby in its Guardian form outside of the Xizan battle, "Vampy" and "Slotstest" being in the list of LTs in battle, etc.), so I'm wondering how they all could've been done..I know some things could be explained by simple cheat codes, but definitely not for something like Yugonga...If it's something that can be done through hex editing somehow, I'd be interested in finding out!

That's totally fine! I don't have a lot of free time because of work (I shouldn't even be on here right now whoops lol), but I definitely plan on learning how to use the hex editor when I can and seeing what I can find in the game!

Sure, that's a good idea! I'm Gamma#5187 on there.

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