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User Info: serious_sam1122

12 years ago#1
When the hell are we getting another Giants?! Best game ever...

User Info: JoeyX

12 years ago#2
Sorta agreed. Definitely needs a sequel, and now would be the best time.

User Info: untrustful

12 years ago#3
Was I the only one thinking about the pokemon Kabuto?

User Info: elemily

12 years ago#4

Try 'Armed and Dangerous' - It's another game by 'Planet Moon Studios' with some funny dialogue

: - )

User Info: serious_sam1122

12 years ago#5
Yea, armed and dangerous was fun, but not as ambitious as Giants was. It was a RTS, FPS, TPS, and wrestling game all in one. Plus they were one of the first to try video game boobies (although they failed when Wal-Mart cried foul) :). Didn't stop people from finding out how to remove that little censorship though.
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