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rugahboi 1 year ago#1
Multiple pet passives.

  • Dismiss a ranger with a pet. The pet will now be masterless.
  • Recruit that pet with another ranger (if you want to keep them).
  • Re-recruit the dismissed ranger, they’ll still have the animal passive.
  • Recruit another animal companion with the bugged ranger; they will now have two passives. Dunno if it can be further stacked, but theoretically it should.
7 rangers:

  • Once you have 6 rangers, talk to Sergei at the base. Dismiss the first ranger.
  • Without exiting, go to the recruit tab to create a new one.
  • Once created, accept all changes to your team without editing further. You should still have the first Ranger, as well as a new 7th one.
I got this to work by “respeccing” my character, so I don’t know if it’s a name thing that causes the glitch to happen or not. Hopefully it works even with completely new characters.

I’m on the PC game pass version if it makes a difference.
GundamFanT 1 year ago#2
I have a character with 2 AC bonuses and couldn't figure out why. Huh.

I'm also still getting the annoying "repeatedly stand up and sit down" bug (seems to happen more often if i try to position people before a fight) and also lots of enemies are turning invisible. In the case of humans, I just see their floating weapons.

On a positive note, no crashes since the last patch. So, progress, I guess.
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rugahboi 1 year ago#3
Another bug I’ve found is that I somehow have the spirit animal buff on all rangers that have an animal companion (When I only got the actual perk for one ranger though; my “summoner”). I don’t actually know how this happened, but the initial green buffs can actually be stacked onto the yellow buffs by following the steps in my first post.

I wish I knew how to replicate this, as I hadn’t gotten Polly yet.
rugahboi 1 year ago#4
Another one I’ve found is if you quickly tap read when using a skill book, it will let you learn it twice.
dethK10 1 year ago#5
So, if you're on Xbox (and probably PS4 too but I don't know for sure), if you read it, then drop it without closing the menu, you can pick it up and read it again. I was doing that double-quick-tap at first and then I read about the drop-n-pickup bug and was like "this game has crashed enough that it owes me this" and I abused that bug. I hope they didn't patch that out yet.
SkoomaDealer 1 year ago#6
Not yet, but it will get patched out BEFORE the disappearing enemies.
FurryTomahawk 1 year ago#7
rugahboi posted...
Another one I’ve found is if you quickly tap read when using a skill book, it will let you learn it twice.
You can actually use it an infinite amount of times. The reason you're getting twice the points from clicking quickly twice is because the menu actually stays up upon initially reading a skill book. If, instead, you click read once, then scroll down to drop instead, you'll get the skill point and be able to repick up the item from the world. Rinse and repeat, infinite use
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