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User Info: SSJ_Sonikku

10 years ago#1
First, a couple Q and A's to clear some things.

What is SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu
It is the vastly superior sequel to Flying Dragon aka Hiryu no Ken Twin (SD mode).

Why are you making the topic in the Flying Dragon board?
Simple, nobody really checks out the SDHnKD board and this one is more active (most of the time).

What is the topic about?
This topic is to discuss the gameplay system as well as characters and what they can do.

What is the topic not about?
This topic does not discuss about the item/level up sub-system. They was already many discussions concerning the matter and can also be found on Gnik's SDHnKD FAQ/Guide. The topic also will not discuss story related material concerning the characters or unlocking anything etc.

So items are not allowed in this discussion?
In general purpose, no. However, if said item allows said character to do a specific action or do a combo not otherwise possible, then it is allowed.

Are clone characters allowed for discussion?
Yes, for the most part.

Is discussion for Flying Dragon/Hiryu no Ken Twin allowed?
Yes, on the grounds of explaining any differences between the characters in SD mode of Twin and SDHnKD. If there are some differences for the characters that they can do in Twin but not in SDHnKD (or anything else), they most be clarified.

Do not post till I'm done.
"Omaewo Mo Shinderu!" - Kenshiro

User Info: SSJ_Sonikku

10 years ago#2
Now that we have that out of the way, on with the discussion

Default buttons are:
A = Kick
B = Punch
C\/ = Special (or Buster)
C< = Super (or Secret Buster)
C/\ & C> = Use Item
R = Block
L or Z = Side Step (optional)

If you are link 2 P's it displayed as Px2. If it is a attack string, then it is displayed as PP.

After selecting your character, you will notice 4 different stats. They are:

Fire - Displays Physical Power
Wind - Displays Throw Power
Thunder - Displays Projectile Power and Defense to them
Ice - Displays Physical and Throw Defense.

Mind's Eye or Shingan
This is a mechanic that the series has used in just about every game. You will notice a little colored circle on a characters body part, that is the Shingan. There are 3 different types of Shingan (they will be listed by color):

How it appears: It appears for every 2 super bars gained
Effects when hit: Unable to block and stunned for a couple seconds.

How it appears: Blocking more than attacking.
Effects when hit: Same as Pink, but greater damage.

How it appears: Health bar is half without doing any damage to opponent.
Effects when hit: Instanct Death (unblockable).

Health Bar
This bar displays what your health is.

Super Bar
This bar displays how many stocks you have. They are used for your characters Secret Busters and Treasure Busters. By default, you can only store up to 3 bars.

A link is being able to combo from one attack to another without canceling the animation of the attacks. Almost every character can do links. Most can link Standing P to another Standing P and go from there.

Attack Strings
Strings are a series of moves that may or may not combo. Most knock the opponent down. Ex. PPKKK for Ryuhi.

A defensive technique that counter-attacks upon catching the opponents attack.

Tier List (ATM doesn't list clone characters, also not in any particular order)

High Tier
Min Min
Gou Fire

Mid Tier

Low Tier
Robo no Hana
E. Quaker

This Tier List is not final and will change. Now make sure to explain your findings as clearly as possible. Now you can post.
"Omaewo Mo Shinderu!" - Kenshiro

User Info: SouthCape

10 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: SSJ_Sonikku

10 years ago#4
OK, I'll discuss on some things about Ryuhi and talk about the more important attacks. Discussion for Ryuhi assumes the player already unlocked the Shin Hiryu no Ken Secret Buster in story mode.


Like other characters, Ryuhi can from St. P. His 4+B(easy), 8+B(middle) and 6+B(hard) Busters can be linked from St. P.

This attack is great, as it has 2 uses. First is to press C\/ 2 more times to do 2 more kicks, used mostly as an ending move. The other is that the first attack can be used to link.

This move is great, as it gives Ryuhi another option to juggle the opponent. The move is made better, because it can be linked from St. P(or 5+P).

This is potentially Ryuhi's best Secret Buster in the game. If combo-ed in a juggle correctly, then Ryuhi might be able to continue juggle the opponent.

Punch SD
This is his best Super Defense tech. You could attack (like a Supers) after a successful SD.

Some combos you could do with this in mind:
j.Px2, 66, 6B, 5P, 4B, 5Pxx236+SB
j.Px2, 66, 6B, 5P, 4B, 5Pxx8SB, 8B
j.Px2, 5Px2, 4B, 5Pxx5SB
"Omaewo Mo Shinderu!" - Kenshiro

User Info: SouthCape

10 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: SSJ_Sonikku

10 years ago#6
It seems that no one is interested in discussing about the game on the gamefaqs forum. For this that are interested in the discussion, go to http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=239944
That is where I'm going to focus on.
"Omaewo Mo Shinderu!" - Kenshiro
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