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User Info: Grappee

9 years ago#1
Hey, just like the topic says, i'v more or less played NSG up untill airship (just felt like picking this game up and doing it all over from scratch since i already beat all dark aeons previously when i was younger :P).

Anyways, i know a good idea would be to start with the capturing and get going from there, but i just wanna start lvling nooow! :D, so what would be the fastest way to get overdrive-ap?

Do i need to go farm mimic's & bribe the robots in mt.gaga (i remember i did that last time :S, really tendious and boring >_>) or is there a faster way?

(i.e faster way to earn money, since i guess there's no faster way then the bribe technique).

Any help appriciated :].
Obviously you'll need to level up to get bribe before you can bribe anything :P

If you have the Airship, go capture some easy fiends. Besaid and Kilika will do...

You will unlock a monster called Catastrophe, and the arena guy will give you 99x Door to Tomorrow for doing so. Customise Overdrive->AP and you're set.

BDE’s cut & paste guide #5: The Don Tonberry trick:
Using this method, you can earn up to 99 sphere levels in one fight, in 5 minutes or less.

The weapon ability [Overdrive->AP] is essential. Other weapon abilities are strictly optional, so don’t panic if you can’t get them.
[Overdrive-> AP] will stack with an overdrive boosting ability [SOS Overdrive], [Double Overdrive] or [Triple Overdrive].
It will also stack with an AP boosting ability, either [Double AP] or [Triple AP].
The ideal AP weapon is this: [Triple Overdrive] [OD->AP] [Triple AP]. However, by the time you can obtain such a weapon, you probably won’t need it.
You will need 10 Doors to Tomorrow to customise [OD->AP]. Arena guy gives you 99 Door to Tomorrow when you unlock catastrophe.
I recommend getting [Triple AP] weapons from One-Eye. Failing that, [SOS Overdrive] weapons are an acceptable substitute, and can be easily obtained by farming Epaaj outside the sunken cave. Once you have such a weapon, customise [OD->AP] and you’re set.
Equip all frontline characters with OD->AP weapons. It is convenient to equip Auto-Phoenix armour on one of the “comrade” characters.

One character should be the designated "victim", whose OD mode is set to stoic, the others should be set to comrade. The victim should have killed a lot of fiends prior to the battle. If the victim has low max HP, the trick works better, so do not use BHPL or HP+ x% armour abilities. (Some people suggest deleting HP nodes to achieve low max HP – don’t bother, its not worth the effort.)
The easiest way to rack up a lot of kills is for Tidus (aka “victim”) to learn the OD mode "slayer" which charges even when an OD kills a fiend. If he has double OD, three fiends = full OD. If he has triple OD, two fiends killed = full OD gauge. So kill lots of monsters, use Tidus' OD a lot, (learn Blitz ace while you're at it.) Also, you can capture fiends using capture/ first strike and auto haste armour, to rack up his kills before doing the trick.
When karma= 99999 (1000 kills), the don tonberry trick is fully powered up.

The victim should attack (or Mug) Don Tonberry, who will respond with his counter-attack, "Karma" which does 100 damage for each enemy the character has killed.
The huge amount of HP damage sustained is what gets you the AP, so more kills = more damage = more AP.
Revive the character and repeat. Auto phoenix on one of the non-victims helps.
When DT gets to stabbing range, he no longer uses karma, so you should flee at that point, as the extra AP for killing DT isn't worth the time and effort, especially as you have AP weapons (without BDL) equipped.
In order to get APs, each character must survive the fight, so if you don't beat DT, you must run away with all characters standing.
Run to the Hills! Run for your life! \m/

Learning comrade OD mode:
Note: You CANNOT learn overdrive modes in the arena!
Get Tidus to provoke a group of magic using monsters, cast hastega on them. (This is because he cannot evade magic attacks.)
Cast shell on Tidus, and heal him with pray/regen/ whatever. Whoever is in the frontline when he repeatedly gets hit, will (eventually) learn comrade mode.

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...and if you need some money:

BDE’s cut & paste guide #1: Gil

Pilfer Gil/ Nab Gil

Most enemies give you a few hundred gil, some even less than that.
It might have been useful early in the game if it wasn’t so awkwardly located on the sphere grid, but as it is, its not a good method at all.

Epaaj (before airship):
Fight outside the sunken cave, you will encounter them every fight.
They’re not hard to beat, and the only other monsters you will encounter are machina (steal from them).
Epaaj sometimes drop SOS overdrive weapons, which sell for up to 75,187 gil depending on the number of empty slots.
They can also drop tetra armour, which can be customized for cash.
BTW, if you have nab/pilfer gil, Epaaj usually hand over 600 gil or so on average.

Once you have the airship, these methods are much better:


go to Kilika shop, buy tetra armour for 2250 gil. Customise and sell.

Examples: Capture the monsters in Besaid. Monster arena guy gives you 99x stamina tonic.
Go to Kilika, buy tetra armour for 2250 gil.
Customise with HP+30% (1x stamina tonic) and sell for 28406 gil each. Profit= 2.5 million gil.
Similarly, capture insects for 60x mana tonic. Customise MP+30%, sell for 34031 gil. Profit =1.9 million gil.
Or capture mushrooms for 99x healing spring. Customise SOS regen (12x healing spring, 37781 gil). Profit= 284248 gil.

Customise with:_____Item(s) required_________Sell for:
HP+30%___________1x Stamina Tonic________28406gil
MP+30%___________1x Mana Tonic__________34031gil
SOS Regen_________12x Healing Spring_______37781gil

Alternatively, buy weapons from Kilika at 1875 gil:

Customise with:_____Item(s) required________Sell for:
Evade & Counter_____1x Teleport Sphere______27812 gil

Get more items for customisation:
Item___________Overkill___________Capture__________Steal (*rare steal)

Stamina tonic____Abyss worm (2)_____Besaid (99)_______Machea*(1), Dark Yojimbo (2)
Mana tonic______Malboro menace (4)__Insects (60)_______Great Malboro*(1)
Healing spring___Kottos (40)_________Mushrooms (99)___Achelous*(1), Behemoth King (1)
Teleport Sphere__Sleep Sprout (2)_____N/A_____________Th’uban*(1)

The best repeatable option for customization is farming Kottos for Healing Springs, assuming you are strong enough to overkill him quickly, preferably with a single overdrive. This method can generate 6,000,000 gil in 1 hour.

If all that seems like too much trouble, try these:

Monster arena:

All monster arena creations always drop equipment when defeated, many of which can be sold for decent amounts of cash.
Example: Kill One-Eye in the arena (capture flying eyeballs to unlock). Sell any unwanted triple AP weapons he drops.
You can earn over 3,000,000 gil per hour with this method.

Gillionaire: Get double gil when you win a fight.
Get Rikku's Godhand fully powered or customise with 30x designer wallet. (Designer wallet: Capture omega ruins fiends for 60, or steal from Don Tonberry using master thief). The character with Gillionaire must be in the front line when the monster is killed. This is very useful against mimics in the omega dungeon.

In the Omega Ruins, you will frequently encounter a Zaurus and a treasure chest.
Steal (not mug) from the treasure chest for a chance to fight a mimic, then kill it for 50,000gil (100,000gil with gillionaire).
Use Auron’s Shooting Star to defeat a mimic easily.
BTW, since you’re in the Omega Ruins anyway, remember that Machea and Great Malboro’s rare steals are useful for customisation, so use [Master Thief] to grab some.

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User Info: Grappee

9 years ago#4
thx a bunch, the money tips helped me alot, would be really nice to not have to get bribe first, and also the other ways seamed alot faster then omega ruins :] thx!
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