Where can i find No Encounter

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User Info: Hand_some

9 years ago#11
Easy way to get it is

1. win chocobo race for 30 Pendulum when u 1st reach Calm Land
2. use that 1 on Rikku weapon
3. steal Fallen Monk with Rikku equip with Master Thief weapon at Zanarkan while u leveling up to fight Yunalesga
4. so u will get No Encounter after Zanarkan story line

No need to worry about No Encounter later ^ ^

If u need it fast just Flee all others except Fallen Monk.

User Info: foreverzero89

9 years ago#12
or you can wait til a monster drops a"peaceful" anything. thats the easiest way.
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User Info: _NS_

9 years ago#13
The simple way is to go get the drop from the creature that attaked in the water at the start of the game at Baaj save and just keep soft reseting till u get one.

User Info: Blacklion12

9 years ago#14

When you get the Airship, head to the Monster arena and start capturing every fiend you can in every area. it's really easy, it's not that tedious.

Use this http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/197344/15294

With this you can know which fiends you have captured.

Try to capture at least five if these:

Vouivre (Mi'ihen Highroad), Lamashtu (Mushroom Rock Road), Kusariqqu (Thunder Plains)Mushussu (Sanubia Desert)Nidhogg (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, or Sunken Cave, where you get Yojimbo).

Then eventually you will unlock Fanrir, and the Arena Owner will give Purifying Salts, which 30 of them can be used to customize NO ENCOUNTER ability in one if your armor, don't waste useful armor! Try to use one that one enemy dropped or else.

User Info: Slickblade19

9 years ago#15
There are enemies that can drop this in the Omega ruins
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