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  3. Is there a faster way to beat jumbo flan?

User Info: Vagrantlore45

13 years ago#1
I'm trying to collect alot of magic spheres, and jumbo flan seems to be the only one that drops them... is there a quicker way to beat him? or should i just keep pelting him with magic until he dies? thanks in advance ; )

User Info: Josagie10

13 years ago#2
summon anima and use pain it counts as magic

User Info: _Mdawg_

13 years ago#3
Overdrives hurt him too.

User Info: Josagie10

13 years ago#4
not any of tidus's (maybe energy rain

User Info: slyfan926

13 years ago#5
Tidus' and Wakka's ODs are non physical so they will hurt Jumbo Flan. Anima's Pain and Ifrit's Meteor Strike also do non physical damage.
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User Info: BBK_Kid

13 years ago#6
Anima's Pain is the best bet at lower stats. It will do a guaranteed 99,999 damage when Anima has 140 Magic (or 135 with Focus x5, which you may want to do if you're weak). Teaching Anima Haste, Shell, Drain, Reflect, and Dispel will help with that fight as well.

When your party is getting up there in magic, you can switch to Doublecasting Flares or Ultima (if you could go through all that animation over and over).
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User Info: Moonea

13 years ago#7
For me, the fastest farming method was to:

Give Anima the abilities: Haste, Shell, Lancet, Dispel.

Summon Anima, Haste, then Shell. Then use Pain.

Anima will be damaged - heal back up with Lancet until you only have 1 turn left (Lancet is a faster skill than Pain), then use Pain.

Dispel any positive status effect on Jumbo Flan. Do not dispel reflect, as it will dispel Haste/Shell as well.

User Info: kctman

13 years ago#8
1. Cast Reflect on one of your character, then cast Slow on the character with reflect status to bounce the spell to Jumbo Flan. --> This will slow down Jumbo Flan.

2. Summon Anima, cast Haste and Shell on Anima, then use Pain to damage Jumbo Flan and Lancet to recover HP.

Jumbo Flan will cast Reflect and then Curaga on you at low HP...you can simply suck the HP with Lancet and continue with Pain until it dies.

User Info: BBK_Kid

13 years ago#9
You're kidding me. Do people even read the other posts in a topic?
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User Info: erict1628

13 years ago#10
If they did, then they wouldn't have the chance to post theirs, now would they? >_>
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  3. Is there a faster way to beat jumbo flan?
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