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  3. I finally bought a Pockestation!

User Info: castrejon04

2 months ago#1
So I'm barely on the First Mission on disc 1 on my current playthrough, and I just got my Pocketstation for the first time after all these years of not having one and missing out on this feature for this game. So when I got the Pocketstation in the mail, it came with Chocobo World already installed with several D, C, and a few B items in my inventory.

So how do I go about in collecting as many items as possible before I get to disc 2 next week?

So the current stats are:

LV 100
HP 31/31
ID 194

So I don't know if any if that is good or not.
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User Info: Moeman_

2 months ago#2
ID typically only matters if you want to get rare items easier, higher HP for Boko, and/or a higher ultimate weapon. I have a 153 ID (Impossible to get A Rank items) and I got no less than 21 Friendships, 3 Mog's Amulets, 46 Chocobo's Tags, 2 Magical Lamps, 2 Solomon Rings, 2 Adamatines, 3 Dark Matters, and 1 Ribbon.

What you basically do for Chocobo World is have Boko walk into little dots on the map (Brought up by pressing the Enter Button as he's walking) and it'll randomly be a new weapon, new item, battle, or other event. Since your Boko is LV 100 and seemingly maxed out already, I doubt it'll be the latter.

By the way, the game may not let you bring this existing Boko back into FFVIII since it was made off of someone else's save file. What you should do is back up this data to a normal Memory Card just in case. Then you could replace your Boko with this existing Boko by copying the data back to FFVIII.

There's also an infinite item trick you can do, though it's a bit time-consuming.

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User Info: JohnKraff25

2 months ago#3
I know for sure that the save files you can download here on gamefaqs don't work with my own Chocobo World-file. Has to do something with that hidden ID that Saint's FAQ talks about.
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  3. I finally bought a Pockestation!
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