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User Info: Thuusu

2 months ago#1
Maybe I'm just blind or an idiot, but this game's audio is ludicrously loud compared to everything else, and I can't seem to find any volume settings anywhere.
I don't recall any in the original, either, but as far as I recall that was actually balanced in line with every other piece of media played through my TV.

Am I missing a volume adjustement setting anywhere?

User Info: Quovixi

1 month ago#2
There’s a config option in the menu. I’m able to adjust the sound levels from there (playing PS4 remaster) but I have seen screenshots where this option is missing so probably not just you!
Most TVs have that option...

User Info: castrejon04

4 weeks ago#4
It is loud, but in a good way especially in battles.
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User Info: 1ofaDragon

3 weeks ago#5
What? Mysterious powers of final fantasy viii music being so much great? I think I had that too, but when final fantasy viii first came up.
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  3. Am I just stupid?
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