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  3. IS the remaster worth it?

User Info: DevsBro

4 weeks ago#31
It's a moot point. I think it's pretty clear he was referring to cleaned up rereleases in the post-TLoU remaster craze, regardless of what the GBA games classify as.
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User Info: Taaron

4 weeks ago#32
RetroPWN posted...
But they kill the games original mechanics and detract from the fun.

I found a lot of the original mechanics detracted from the fun. Draw system, seed rank system, level scaling, and weapon crafting were all unfun mechanics of the game. Also wasnt too fond of the card game. Nice thing is the boost help assist with some of these annoyances like the draw system. Then you can outright use cheats but think that becomes a bit much.
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User Info: zzamaro

4 weeks ago#33
GuiltyCrown posted...
Yeah, I am not getting it since there is nothing to justifying the purchase. Will wait for the sales then.

Same here. Was expecting a little more, but after seeing stuff, I decided to wait for a sale.
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User Info: ZulHero

4 weeks ago#34
DevsBro posted...
No remaster is worth it, lol.

False. Kingdom Hearts 2 remaster is worth every penny for all the upgrades you get.
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User Info: loseless

4 weeks ago#35
blackthunder329 posted...
sano83 posted...
The Game Boy Advance remasters of the Snes games dont have any kind of boosters.

You really want to go there? None of those were released as remasters. Also, even III wasn't classified as a remaster when it was released for the PSP and either DS or 3DS (cannot remember which one got the release).

The remasters are Final Fantasy VII, X/X-2, IX, XII: The Zodiac Age, and VIII.

Everything else is either a rerelease of the older games, or a first time release outside of Japan.

What they call is is rather meaningless. All those versions had content added, bugs fixed, translation cleaned, higher resolution sprites and backgrounds and the DS versions were practically remakes on top of all that. Any of these had more features and work put in them than any version of VII to XII had to this day.

User Info: Aurora-Silver

4 weeks ago#36
Gonna wait for the Sales.

Loved FF8, as it was my first and got me into the series...
But hearing about how Square slacked off here, is sad and somewhat infuriating :(
I heard they used the PC Version instead of the PS1 Version... like they did with FF7 Port.

Though I'm totally eager to play it, I'll wait for the next sales.
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It's twenty bucks! How cheap can you be?
None of the issues that the game has are game-breaking. It's a totally fine game.
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User Info: palatinae

4 weeks ago#38
Are you a FF VIII fan?

Do you want to play FF VIII on your latest generation gaming device?

Do you want to support the devs that produced this reMaster in hopes they might re-XXXXX some other game?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have answered your own question in the opening topic.

User Info: Aurora-Silver

4 weeks ago#39
Even 20 bucks can be a lot :P
As for me, I save up on everything and think it over and over and over again, wether I should buy a game, or not. I hesitate with so many games, and same it is with FF8, even if I love it!

I don't even make pre-orders anymore. Saves up a lot of money, So yes, 20 bucks -can- be a lot. I sometimes get 5 Games for this amount of money.
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User Info: Azuredoragon

4 weeks ago#40
Okay, so here's the problem. Just because a production company has made one great product does not mean you just buy everything they make. That's how you get really bad games like FF13.
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