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User Info: ekamown

2 months ago#1
I managed to abolish all rules but Open in every region. However seems like Esthar still has Elemental and I just gave QoC Alexander card and sent her from Dollet to Balamb.

I paid QoC to add Same in Balamb so that I could abolish Elemental in Esthar, but!!! When I challenge people in different region, THEY WON'T ASK TO MIX RULES AT ALL even though I'm carrying Balamb rules (already challenged a card player in Balamb when I added Same). Instead, I instantly adopt to other region's rules when I challenged them even though they don't have Same. And when I go back to Balamb, Same is still there.

Is this a bug or something?
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User Info: 3vrB257A5gq3fg

2 months ago#2
Uh, maybe it's a hidden Same Wall? It's not visible if the region doesn't have Same, but it's still there.
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User Info: ekamown

2 months ago#3
Esthar: Open, Elemental (dunno if SameWall still there)
All other regions: Open

I asked QoC (in Balamb) to add Same and challenged someone in Balamb, then I challenged someone in FH and he won't ask to mix rules.

Though it worked somehow when I went forth and back again from Balamb to Esthar (carrying Balamb rules with Same added).

Managed to abolish Elemental in Esthar, then challenged a dropout student in Balamb pier to abolish all special rules in Balamb then re-spread Open from any other region to Balamb.
Well, then, until we meet again. Or "if we meet again".

User Info: phiefer3

2 months ago#4
You don't necessarily "pick up" a region's rules just be playing/challenging them once. It can take a few challenges before you actually pick up the rules.
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