The Drifter's Favorite Drink (major spoilers)

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User Info: maikeru0110

5 months ago#1
Contrary to virtually all the info I've read online about this topic, including various forum posts and several walkthroughs, including Absolute Steve's, the drifter's favorite drink *is not* always Reagan. In fact, I don't think the correct answer is ever Reagan.

In my current game I had selected Reagan. He didn't move and I got the option to buy him another drink or show him the card. This indicated to me that it was not the correct drink. When I selected Mimett, his dialogue changed and he moved, indicating I selected the correct drink. I reloaded my game to try to get the drink correct on the first try and it was a different drink. So at this point I know his drink choice isn't specific to the save file, and can change if you reload.

Since this is one of the game's puzzles, I'd rather solve it to move him than just moving him by telling him about his card. Virtually every video walkthrough I watched on YouTube moved the drifter by telling him about his card. So how can we figure out which drink he likes?? Here's what I figured:

1. Talk to the guy at the table to learn the combinations of drink names, label colors, and tastes. These never change as far as I know.
-------------------Red // Green // Yellow------------
Sweet >> Mimett // Tantal // Curiel
Bitter>> Krakka // Reagan // Sylkis
2. Check which color label the drifter has. In my game he was drinking from a Red label so I narrowed it down to either Mimett or Krakka.

3. Talk to the bar lady and she will tell you that "he thinks the bitter ones are good and sweet ones are bad."

So in this scenario I should choose Krakka, right? WRONG! The answer was Mimett. The bar lady said the opposite taste of the drink he had!

So is she just a big fat liar? Maybe, but he does say "this stuff stinks" so maybe he really does prefer bitter ones, and you just have to choose the opposite. We all know how FF translations can go.

So is this a real puzzle with clues, and a logical method to solving it? I think the drifter's label color changes, but I don't think the bar lady's dialogue changes. If this is the case, the correct answers must always be Mimett, Tantal, or Curiel. (Unless the lady switches sometimes and says that the drifter thinks sweet ones are good and bitter ones are bad.) Unfortunately I don't have a save file in that area now so I can't test my theory further, but I remember trying it 3 times. Once when I was wrong about Reagan because of the walkthroughs, the second time when I selected Mimett off the bat because that was the answer in the first one, and then the third time when I wanted to actually solve it and get it on the first try, which I did. In any case I don't think the answer was ever Reagan.

So why do people think it's always Reagan? Almost all walkthroughs say the answer is *always* Reagan. Maybe they copied each other on this little bit of info like a bad game of telephone. Furthermore, the drifter's dialogue when you choose the wrong answer may seem positive as if you chose the right one. I suppose most people at that point just choose to give him his card.

If you choose wrong he says "Hey hey hey, I may be no connoisseur, but I got my favorite. I wanna drink more of the same thing I'm drinking right now." and nothing happens.
If you choose right he says "Hey, punk, you got good manners! I ain't the rude type either. Here, take some o' this! Ha ha ha...(hic)" and then he moves and gives you the Forbidden Card.

I know this post is long-winded, but your knowledge and input is appreciated if you've read this far.

User Info: Ilishe

5 months ago#2
How interesting!

I think you're onto something. Check his label and ask the bar lady.

I can't check right now, but you can probably find a few FF8 LPs on YT and see if the label changes between games.
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User Info: Crazy4Metroid

5 months ago#3
About that drifter, is there any reason in the game to move him by buying him a drink instead of telling him about his card? Is there anything that you can get by using that method that you can't via the card method?
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User Info: maikeru0110

5 months ago#4
Crazy4Metroid posted...
About that drifter, is there any reason in the game to move him by buying him a drink instead of telling him about his card? Is there anything that you can get by using that method that you can't via the card method?

If you buy him the correct drink he will move and give you a Forbidden Card. If you choose to tell him about his card he will move and give you a Tonberry Card. In both cases you keep the Buel Card.

Another difference is it costs 100 gil per drink you buy. I read somewhere that if you have 0 gil, the bartender will actually pay for the drink for you. The only other difference is the dialogue.

User Info: PrincessPrisma

5 months ago#5
I don't know why Squall just doesn't punch him in the face for rudely blocking the back door. It's bad manners to sit in a doorway blocking people so Squall should not entertain buying drinks and bribing him just to get him to move. Unless of course the plot hole of FFVIII is that Squall is actually a pacifist like Mayor Dobe after insulting said mayor for his attitude when he himself is also a meek pacifist letting drunks punk him around.

It's more a logic hole or plot hole than R=U or Squall is Dead.

User Info: meanspirit90

5 months ago#6
I believe the reason is simple, at that time SeeD is on covert mission ordered by Rinoa. He did not want to cause unwanted attention from Galbadian soldier.
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User Info: PrincessPrisma

5 months ago#7
I guess your right but I'm just so used to FF protags being pacifists a lot to people weaker than they are for whatever reasons.
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