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User Info: aspilanti84

5 years ago#1
We’ve commonly thought that Selphie “keeps a cheerful front when really inside she is still trying to figure things out and come to terms with the trauma of her past”. We all know that Selphie has a dark sense of humor, sometimes displaying it in a way others are not comfortable with. However, she does a lot of things that might suggest a latent deviant disposition. I believe her enthusiasm for violence and destruction actually qualifies her as a sociopath.

First, what is a sociopath? A sociopath is “a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.”

OK, but does this description accurately define Selphie’s personality? According to the Macdonald Triad (also known as the triad of sociopathy) three behavioral characteristics, or any combination of the two, may be predictive of violent tendencies. They are:

1. Cruelty to animals – In the D-District Prison: "We could always skin this little guy and wear him as a disguise.” “I’m kidding. I’m kidding.” (Doesn’t sound like you are.)
2. Fire Setting - Enjoyed setting off fireworks at the orphanage. Very similar to many kids, but her disposition towards enjoying fire has not change past age 15.
3. Bedwetting - (Let's just say I wouldn’t want to sit in her train seat, after she passed out on the ride to Galbadia.)

User Info: aspilanti84

5 years ago#2
Let us explore Selphie's mind using the twenty traits assessed by the PCL-R score (the Psychopathy Checklist):

glib and superficial charm - "Everybody! LOVE. and. PEACE!"
grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self - Did she really think she would enter a guarded missile base by simply charming her way in?
need for stimulation - Selphie jumping straight down the cliff.
pathological lying - "I'm kidding. I'm kidding."
cunning and manipulativeness - If you approach the Galbadian missile base on foot when it's time for Selphie's party to infiltrate instead of just driving up in the stolen vehicle, you're treated to a scene of cute, sweet Genki Girl Selphie trying to wheedle the gate guard into letting her and her friends in:

Guard: "Hey! This is a maximum security area! You kids shouldn't be here!"

Selphie: "I just wanna take a peek. Pretty pleeeeaase!?"

Guard: This isn't some kinda club you can sweet talk your way into. Besides, you're just a kid. I prefer someone more mature.

Selphie: Up yours!

shallow affect / superficial emotional responsiveness
parasitic lifestyle - Squall makes the money through his SeeD exams. Like the rest, Selphie spends it on new weapons. Combined with other traits, this is a dangerous consequences concerning her character.
poor behavioral controls - Getting extremely jealous at Irvine to the point of intense anger (first we've seen ever, as her true colors are coming out). Also..."up yours!"
sexual promiscuity - If you bring Selphie to Zell's room, she sits on his bed and tells him he should be honored that a cute girl wants to be on his bed. If Squall agrees, she then replies "Squall, you are so *getting it*." Plus..."it is perhaps due to reasons of decency involving her skirt that, if one is to Scan Selphie, her avatar cannot be rotated to view from below despite all other scan avatars being able to." Oh, and this song from the missile base mission sounds like a porn song.
early behavior problems - The orphanage.
lack of realistic long-term goals - Garden festival? Seriously?
impulsivity / irresponsibility - Banging on the missile launch keyboard.
lack of remorse or guilt / failure to accept responsibility for own actions - She didn't exactly state it was her careless actions that essentially set off the missile launch sooner. She never once says that it was her fault. It was all her fault. Maybe she secretly wanted it? Maybe Balamb's garden festival is better?
many short-term marital relationships - Unknown.
juvenile delinquency - Despite getting in trouble during the orphanage fireworks incident, unknown.
revocation of conditional release - Unknown, however after breaking out of prison, she does go on to sabotage a missile base...
criminal versatility - The SeeD job entails this at times. But Selphie seems to enjoy it as one would enjoy hobbies, rather than as a job.
callousness and lack of empathy - "We'll blow a big hole in it BOOOOOM!!" "Blow it to smithereens with a rocket launcher!" "We could always skin this little guy and wear him as a disguise.”

After she shoots and blows a gigantic hole into Lunatic Pandora, while ramming the Ragnarok through said hole, she just sits there rocking back and forth in the pilot seat. This is what's known as "auto-eroticism", in which a person can achieve sexual climax without the aid of another human being. In other words, Selphie is a sick f*** who gets off to this type of stuff. She may also stab someone when they aren't looking.

TL;DR Selphie Tilmitt is an evil, demented, deranged and damaged sociopath, since she fits much of the criteria.

User Info: lloyd0117

5 years ago#3
this is the first time ive ever seen or heard anything of her last name... Tilmitt? seriously? THATS why she's crazy... also, shes a teenage girl... doing crazy stuff... if she wasnt crazy, then the world wouldnt have ended up saved....
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User Info: Jiyuu Falcon

Jiyuu Falcon
5 years ago#4
aspilanti84 posted...
3. Bedwetting

Wait, seriously? I understand the first two, but... why the third?

The second post reminds me why I love Selphie so much.

User Info: Metastase

5 years ago#5
The pervert in me is ashamed of not even considering rotating her model around during Scan. Never knew about that.

"Oh, and this song from the missile base mission sounds like a porn song."


But seriously, just like Quistis is there just to highlight and offer insight on Squall's personality, Selphie is the comic relief character like Cait Sith, Quina Quen, Krile Mayer Baldesion (Cara), Sazh Katzroy, etc. For what's worth it, she's much better than the other alternatives mentioned here (case in point: her motives ARE there). Even players with lower attention span can tell she's better because oversized nunchakus.

1 thing I've always thought was interesting is that her Limit Break is probably the only one where the actual gameplay mechanics reflect the personality of the caster (please don't mention Angelo). Her LB is fun and energetic, with the occasional crazy "dark side" coming out of nowhere (Rapture, The End, etc). It can also be frustrating at times, like trying too hard to get that happy slot only to fail - like her fake cheerfulness is a facade covering up her fear of acknowledging unhappiness.


User Info: SweetHeartRinoa

5 years ago#6
This was interesting to read :) But I'd rather not think of Selphie as demented xD She's just fun and weird :)
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User Info: 072396

5 years ago#7
OP, you made an account just to post your silly theory. Did you finally get tired of people on reddit downvoting you to the bottom of hell?

User Info: Panthera

5 years ago#8
I'd prefer this topic if it featured explosions, chocolate mousse, the colour orange, an elephant and your seventh pair of shoes.
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User Info: AlmasNo1Fan

5 years ago#9
selphie is so awesome that our lowly human minds can never truly understand the extent of her awesomeness.
By: ilikeikeilikeik

User Info: sohottahere

5 years ago#10
And that sociopath comes in such a tiny package. So cute.
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