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User Info: suloku

5 years ago#1
For pocketstation owners: if you are interested, there is a pocketstation app (Rewrite ID) that allows to change the ID number of your pocketstation. More information here: http://psx-scene.com/forums/f10/how-get-optimum-rank-chicobo-chocobo-world-ff8-61689/

Before starting: there is a lot of information in http://www.ps2savetools.com/ about savegames, formats and converters. I recomend memcardrex 1.7+ for psx saves.
Easier method nowadays for PSX<->PC transfering is trough a PS3 and a memory card adapter. Alternative method in a ps2 with ulauchelf + free mcboot (more info at http://www.psx-scene.com)

Xebra site: http://drhell.web.fc2.com/ps1/
pk201 site: http://drhell.web.fc2.com/pocket/index.html
Dr. Hell's Homepage: http://drhell.web.fc2.com/

Also, checkout the amazing chocoboworld guide by Ortew Lant at http://www.lacapitalolvidada.com/foro/guia-chocobo-world-t4256.html
And checkout Saint's Pocketstation FAQ, which has many information about the game and also how do the infrared battles work
FAQ: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/197343-final-fantasy-viii/faqs/6615
Saint's homepage: http://plumeria.vmth.ucdavis.edu/~saintly/


Put your mcr file with ff8 saves in xebra directory and rename as BU10 (without any extension, this is important).

note: change xebra to use digital input (so we don't have to press the analog button each time we run ff8)
view -> controller
Expand first box and select controller 1
Expand second box and select digital controller (not analog controller, digital controller)

Start PK201
File -> save STAT
File-> exit
File-> exit

Optional: hex edit the stat File so you will get ID 211 in chocobo world (adition info at *)
Open STAT in hex editor
Replace all "C9 4B 50 41" with "DB A3 31 43"
note: PK201.DLL has this ID in it, but canging it in the DLL doens't affect the ID when using pk201 or xebra. Changing the ID in xebra/pk201 would probably be a better (cleaner) method.

Start xebra
Run -> outer card (this puts pocketstation in memory card 1 slot)
File -> Open -> CDrom image (select ff8 game disc image, no .cue supported)
Run -> Power (run)

Load FF8 save
Goto savepoint/world map and save --> chocobo world
You'll be asked to format the card. do it.
When asked to activate/initiate/run/execute (don't know english translation in the game) chocobo world click yes
Chocobo is now generated as 6 hp, 6 hp max, level 1, weapon 1111, ID 0281 --> beause of xebra.
Send chocobo to walk, return to save screen (press triangle twice) and SAVE FF8 GAME --> this is very important. Try to do this before any event happens.
File-> exit
File-> exit

Start PK201
File -> load STAT
File -> misc -> save FROM
File-> exit

You can now hex edit FROM file as you like. Here's an example of what I got from my new chocobo:

Note: if you used your own FROM file and it had savegames on it the offsets will differ. If you follow above's instructions these will be correct. If not you can extract your chocobo world as a .mcs file and put it in the first block of a new memory card file (.mcr) and rename it to FROM, then the offsets should be OK.

User Info: suloku

5 years ago#2
Chocobo worls has two banks of savegames, it always overwrites the older.

0x200: 03 01 06 06 11 11 06 04 01 00 00 00 81 02 02 03
0x210: FC 23 9C 22 00 00 00 00 0C 00 10 04 05 01 0F 09
0x220: 00 02 04 0B 03 00 00 0D 42 C9 CE 43 33 00 00 01

0x200: Mog/event control*
0x201: level (from 01 to 00) (00 is level 100) (note: in FF8 savegame the level value is stored as an hex number, so level 100 is 0x64)
0x202: current HP (from 00 to 99)
0x202: max HP (from 06 to 99)
note: max HP is calculated at each level and is RANK dependent. Rank 1 max HP at level 100 is 41.
0x203: weapon last 2 digits, can be anything from 00-99)
0x204: weapon (first 2 digits, can be anything from 00-99)
0x205: weapon (first 2 digits, can be anything from 00-99)
0x206: RANK (00-06, the best is rank 00 (rank 1 at gamefaqs guides)) --> this determines the items obtained and max HP.
0x207: movement rate (00-05). I don't recommend editing this value, as I don't know if it is independant from other values yet (0x208 seems to change as well when changing movement rate in the game). It is the movement rate, just don't change it.
0x208-20B: Save counter. It increases progressiveley, each time 0x208 reaches FF value 0x209 increases in one and 0x208 returns to 00. When 0x209 reaches 0xFF 0x20A increases in one 209 returns to 00... and the same for 20A and 20B. When it reaches FF FF FF FF chocobo world becomes unable to save the game. Setting it to 00 00 00 00 is interpreted as the chocobo being home, but this is rather the state the game is when it is written to the pocketstation from ff8 and not what is used to set the chocobo home. If you send the chocobo home the FF8 chocobo is written to the pocket station older bank, then the newest bank chocobo from pocketstation is transfered to FF8 savegame. What flag sets ff8 to the savegame for the chocobo being home/away is currently unknown.
This save counter is used to decide which savedata bank is used (0x200 or 0x300). The game saves in the following circumstances: reaching an event, after an event, exiting the menu screen and exiting the game. The game can be saved 255^4 times (4228250625 times, which is enough for several lifetimes... reaching level 100 and 99 of each A, B, C rank items and 75 D rank items took "only" 11475 saves, so you can play the game like 368475 times).
0x20C: ID last 2 digits (make it 11)
0x204: ID first 2 digits (make it 02) note: in FF8 savegame the first ID digit is an 8, not a 0 (ie: 0211 in CW, 8211 in FF8; 0397 in CW, 8397 in FF8).
note: I think ID has nothing to do in the game itself, it just used to decide your RANK when you obtain a new ID trough infrared combat or new game is started.
0x214: number of A class items (00-99)
0x215: number of B class items (00-99)
0x216: number of C class items (00-99)
0x217: number of D class items (00-99)
0x22F: this byte seems to control whether the chocobo is home or walking. I've seen it as 0x07 and 0x17 for home status. The most frequent for walking seems 01, but I've seen 03, 08. Changing them glitches the game, the only ones that seem safe are 0x01 for walking and 0x17 for home. Maybe this byte does other things, who knows. Note: in the FF8 savegame they seem to be 01 for walk and 07 for home.

NOTE: FF8 savegame stores the ID of the pocketstation the chocobo was sent to in the corresponding adresses for the objects. I guess they where going to not allow copying the savegame to another pocketstation, but then implemented the hidden savegame ID that links a ff8 save with a chocoboworld save.

0x22D: number of powerups (00-03).

0x228-22B: This is the unique ID of the FF8 savegame. If you change this you can asociate chocoboworld to a different FF8 save (you can alternatively edit FF8 to match chocoboworld, but I prefer to edit chocobo world). This ID is located at 0x1588-158B in a FF8 savegame in .mcs format. note: the ff8 savegame seems to have a 2 byte checksum at 0x15A0-15A1.

User Info: suloku

5 years ago#3
The savegame is backed up at 0x300. The game uses the internal clock data stored to decide which savegame bank is newer and uses that one.

Note: powerups are received at level 50 (missable), then after beating the game in random(1/128) events. To not mess things up I would beat the game, then hack in the other 2 powerups... The hacking should stick to ID, RANK and maybe items in my opinion, but I guess it is fine to get the full powered Boko on FF8 to hack everything, but still, you could then use a FF8 savegame editor for this.
Note 2: I have successfully found A rank items with ID 0281 by manually changing the rank to 00, it really seems ID is only used for battles and generating initial stats when creating chocobo world for the first time. On the contrary, I tried changing the ID to 211 and I couldn't find any rank A item

There might be other things, but this is what we really care.

Rank Max. Max. Probability of item #ID ID
Number - HP - Weapon - A B C D - - requirement
00 - 41 - 9999 - 25% 25% 25% 25% - 1 - 211
01 - 37 - 9998 - 5% 35% 30% 30% - 3 - 000,0008,777
02 - 35 - 9898 - 4% 10% 46% 40% - 8 - All digits the same
03 - 34 - 9888 - 3% 10% 37% 50% - 9 - Ending in 00
04 - 33 - 9698 - 2% 10% 28% 60% - 9 - Ending in 77
05 - 32 - 9698 - 0%? 5% 25% 70% - 90 - Ending in 7
06 - 31 - 9698? - 0% 5% 15% 80% - 880 - Any other number

note: from my personal experience, rank 1 (211 ID) item percentages doesn't seem to be 25% for all, as D rank items seem to be much more rare than the others, and C items as well. They seemed more like 40-40-15-5.

Delete STAT file --> this is important. Also take into account that if you delete the STAT file pk201 ID will be its default one again. For chocobo world it will be only as if it was copied to another PS.

Start PK201
File -> misc -> load FROM
*PLAY ALL YOU WANT*. PK201 always saves FROM when exiting (remember you need STAT file for xebra, FROM doesn't matter!)
File -> save STAT (if you want to use xebra)
File-> exit
File-> exit

At this moment you could re-edit STAT file to change the ID again (no real need to do so).

Now you can load up xebra and FF8 to import your goodies:
Start xebra
Run -> outer card
File -> Open -> CDrom image (select ff8 game disc)
Run -> Power (run)

Load FF8 save
Load chocobo world
Bring chocobo home to import goodies and super Boko!

User Info: suloku

5 years ago#4
*Mog event control:

Event bits:
0: ? Always set? I haven't seen it change, probably unused.
1: ? This is always set, but in the FF8 savegame when sending chocobo home it gets unset, and gets set again when sending chocobo for a walk.
2: Set: mogu found for first time. If you set this before level 10 you can encounter mogu even at level 1.
3: Set: have mogu. Unset: mogu lost
4: Set: mogu standby, unset mogu sleep
5: Set: demon king defeated Unset: demon king undefeated
6: Set: event from the level has happened. Events happen at level 20, 50, 75, 100. I guess it is unset after every level up. Needs to be set to be able to battle demon king
7: Set: event wait OFF, Unset: event wait ON

Game starts as 0x03 (00000011)

Useful values:
0x03 (00000011): New game initial values, event wait is ON (use only if level <=10).
0x83 (10000011): New game initial values, but with event wait is OFF (use only if level <=10).
0x87 (10000111): Event wait OFF, mogu found but lost in battle (when found again mogu will be in sleep)
0x97 (10010111): Event wait OFF, mogu found but lost in battle (when found again mogu will be in standby)
0x9F (10011111): Event wait OFF, mogu in standby.
0x8F (10001111): Event wait OFF, mogu in sleep.
0xFF (11111111): Event wait OFF, mogu in standby, demon king defeated (Use only in level 100).
0xEF (11101111): Event wait OFF, mogu in sleep, demon king defeated (Use only in level 100).
0xE7 (11100111): Event wait OFF, mogu found but lost in battle (when found again mogu will be in sleep), demon king defeated (Use only in level 100).
0xF7 (11110111): Event wait OFF, mogu found but lost in battle (when found again mogu will be in standby), demon king defeated (Use only in level 100).

If you are editing the savegame for FF8 purposes only, you want to use 0xFF (game completed, mogu in standby).

note: I'm not including the event off variants, use an hex editor that supports bit manipulation like xvi32 (it's freeware) if you want to put whatever values you'd like.

- See what happens at level 10 when first meeting mogu (at savegame level, but I guess it just sets the flag for having met mogu on).

Extra notes:
- I reached level 75 after 34 hours running in the emulator (mostly in event wait off, except for when approaching level 50). I don't remember how many time more it took for level 100, but you should reach level ten in 2 days if leaving the emulator running all day.
- Boko powerups (after level 100 and defeating the demon king) are random with a 1/128 chance, requiring event wait to be ON. That means a lot of battles, just keep trying.
- Because it is very tedious, I haven't gone to the point of testing if it is possible to get the 3 powerups if the one in level 50 is missed. I do posses a savegame with level 100 and the powerup missed if anyone is interested though.

User Info: suloku

5 years ago#5
That's all the information I've gathered, here's all the text: http://pastebin.com/n5Cd4YAJ

By the way this was all tested with a PAL Final Fantasy VIII, but the chocobo world part should be the same for any region (not tested)

Please note that it is possible to use psx chocoboworld savegames with ANY ff8 savegame by changing the hidden ID that links the ff8 save with chocobo world.

I'll gladly upload my legit (as legit it can be with an emulator) chocobo world savegame at lvl 100, the 3 powerups, 99 A, B and C rank items and 75 D rank items (still working on getting those to 100). I also posses the a PAL ff8 savegame at the very first savepoint after a new game, so if you have a PAL game and don't want to edit the linked ID for some reason, you can just use that save for your new game.

User Info: Moeman_

5 years ago#6
Thanks for this, but the topic will likely get moderated soon. I'll keep the Pastebin on hand, though! Thanks, suloku.
"Be confident, think positive!"
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