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  3. Any tips on early-game power-up?
emosamurai 8 years ago#1
I remember there being a step-by-step powergaming guide, with exact instructions for junctioning and getting the right spells and stuff. I'll remember to save it to my computer this time, promise.
monkeyslinger 8 years ago#2
This guide might be what you're thinking of.

"To accomplish the perfect perfection, a little imperfection helps."
emosamurai 8 years ago#3
No, it was like 1 page and it was a forum post.
VeghEsther 8 years ago#4
It depends if you want to level up or not as in level 30+ then just draw all the aga spells + quake until you have 100 copies drawn on 3 party members.

If you don't want to 300 triple spells set to str after beating Diablos (Card Mod Quistis' card) + Str +60% (card mod Zell's card) + 100 Curaga's set to HP is all you need.

But I always fought Diablos at level 30+ Holy/Flare will boost HP more then Curaga ever will.
FeralGriever 8 years ago#5
The key to getting super powerful early on is to play Triple Triad, then mod the cards into items and refine them into magic.

It is best to play normally until you've obtain the Diablos GF. Then you'll have 2 GF cards making it easier to win at Triple Triad and also the Junctioning and refining abilities needed to become overpowered. Just do the following:

»Go to the library and search the bookshelf for Occult Fan I, and sell it (you can get it back latter). Use the money to buy Tents and refine them into Curaga magic which you should junction to Hp.

» Win the Quistis card from the Trepe Groupie and mod it into 3 Samantha Soul which should be refined into Triple magic and junctioned to Str.

»Win the Zell card from Ma Dincht and use the 3 Hyper Wrists you get from it to teach Str +60% to your GFs

And you are now able to one shot any enemy that comes across with either a normal attack or a limit (which are easy to use due to your high Hp).
If you want to get even more powerful, there are other spells you can get:

» Meltdown – get Gayla cards and junction to Vit
» Pain – get Tri-Face cards and junction to either ST-Atk or Mag
»Death – get Tonbery cards and junction to ST-Atk
»Regen – get Mesmerize cards, slightly better than Curaga for Hp (if you get this move Curaga to Spr)

There are even more spells you can get, but I won't get into them because the time to benefit ratio is just not good.
ArkThompson 8 years ago#6
FeralGriever posted...

There are even more spells you can get, but I won't get into them because the time to benefit ratio is just not good.

I think it's worth playing cards for quake (armadodo or t-rexaur) and tornado (abyss worm) as well. A fast one to get which becomes obsolete pretty fast is water, easy to get if you card the fish monsters on the beach which you should be doing to earn AP without getting exp anyway.
VeghEsther 8 years ago#7
I rarely had those 2 card being played so I had to draw most of my quake/tornados level 30+ party members to draws it.
Machines_Of_Dog 8 years ago#8
i wouldn't bother with quake/meltdown/tornado w/e since you already have decent strength and HP

if you don't want to bother with TT then it is the way to go though - use water for strength until you get to brothers (refine sacred for quake) then draw death and triple from odin later...
VeghEsther 8 years ago#9
I'd rather keep Sacred for playing TT so I'd rather still draw quake at level 30+ instead.
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