Why do people dislike this game?

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User Info: Didymusication

5 years ago#91
Didymusication posted...
When people note the "non-nonsensical plot" I have to scratch my head. It honestly doesn't make any sense. The plot is right there, clear as crystal. If you have further confusions you can read the plot on any general website.


Small piece of the plot

1. Galabanian soldiers invade city
2. SeeD recruited to drive out Galabania (SeeD is mercenary/diplomatic force)
3. Go to Timber
4. Enter dream world
5. meet julia
6. Meet Rinoa
7. Kidnap president
8. Broadcast message to rebels
9. Change of plans president has occupied television station (broadcast message after president leaves)
10. Seifer tries to kidnap president
11. Zell informs president gardens involvement
12. Sorceress gains control of Seifer
13. Squall and his squad mates are then redirected to another nearby garden
14. Enter dream world again


I just started this game and I have no idea why there is so much confusion. Something tells me that people just tried to skip everything because they didn't really want to read the dialogue but then when the events took place they didn't understand what was going on.

As for the dream world that is obviously comparing and contrasting between the SeeD and the Galabanian soldiers. Instead of mindlessly spoon feeding the players the story of the protagonist it is best to look at it both sides.

As for the junctioning system I thought it was innovative. I liked the general concept that you can augment your magic to your stats, HOWEVER by using your spells you lose your augmenting stat increase. Instead of just spoon feeding the player upgrades and uber weapons the player then has to consider what spells to use and when. Requires forethought.

The GF concept was also interesting. I liked how without the GF your characters were just ordinary people (mercenaries acting upon orders of a Republic to stop the senseless acts of aggression coming from a dictator.) I liked that without the GF you couldn't cast spells (after all they were merely ordinary people.) What I thought was odd though that without your GF you can use items during battle (little strange but not that big of a deal.)

If people truly paid attention then they wouldn't be confused on who Ultimeca is. I mean I remember watching someone else play and Ultimeca was introduced like at least one disc before the end of the game. How are people confused? Just pay attention.

User Info: Vir27

5 years ago#92
RavenShinobi posted...
... had Xu and Fujin evacuate the students, so even without the Garden flying everyone could've survived to fight another day.

They did a poor job of leaving the vehicle if they were still on board after it took off by surprise.

User Info: Feelth_mon

5 years ago#93
I never really disliked or hated the game. As a matter of fact its still my favourite FF of all times. Just that the game starts getting weird story-plot wise from disc2 on. Squall surviving the attack of Sorceress Edea as an example. ( You know, that ice piece in his Torso). I never really understood where the wound went. And ofcourse the already spoken out things. What I did like bout it is the love story in a certain part. Squall being the son of Laguna (right)? And Rinoa being Julia's daughter. (right)? Laguna always loved Julia to begin with. At least you could say Squall and Rinoa's love is something that Laguna and Julia could never have but always wanted. Anywaiz, imo, it doesnt make the game any worse. After all... it isnt called Final FANTASY for nothing! :P
Sometaime Ima do fonny stoff

User Info: VincentSquall

5 years ago#94
I like this game a lot. The reasons why people dislike this game is because it wasn't what FF7 fans expected? Ultimecia doesn't get any character development and she was not a good villain like Sephiroth, the protagonist had a love interest, people were still confused about the connection between Squall and Laguna, the main characters were teenagers, most of the main characters didn't get any character development, people didn't like the junction system, etc.
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