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User Info: frickinaj

13 years ago#1
shouldn't there be a secret level 11 card that's omega weapon that has all 8's 9's and A's? i mean the super hidden boss that could pwn ultimecia with one hand/sword/thingy tied behind his back should have a card I think.

User Info: Reginleif20

13 years ago#2
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User Info: arahman56

13 years ago#3
Omega is not a 'real' enemy, but a revamped version of Ultima.
In fact, it IS Ultima, but much more badass
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User Info: ManInGorillaSut

13 years ago#4
I actually had the theory the Omega IS uUltima from the fututre, enhanced and under Ultimecias control
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User Info: Ajescentcreed

13 years ago#5
that would make sense if Omega was part of the story, would have prefered him instead of Greiver.
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User Info: frickinaj

13 years ago#6
I guess that makes sense not being part of the story. but still, you should get something cool for beating instead of just a pat on the back.

User Info: Enuo912

13 years ago#7
As some other people on this board have mentioned already i believe: getting something for beating him wouldn't really make much of a diffrence. He is the strongest enemy there is anyway, so even if you did get some super powerful item, what would you use it for? When you're strong enough to beat Omega, all other enemies/bosses should be a breeze anyway.

What you get for beating him is just a sense of self-satisfaction for beating a very hard boss (unless you use Holy War's).
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