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User Info: Crazy4Metroid

2 months ago#1
I have been thinking of trying a run through the game where I don't bother getting each character's ultimate weapon. I typically play the game one, with little to no deviation from that one way.

I have a set pattern for most games I play. Once I've played a game enough to be familiar enough with it, I will develop a habit of doing certain things a certain way. Occasionally, I feel the need to mix things up though. And that is why I want to try a no ultimate weapon run.

I know that you have to find the ultimate weapons, none of them can be bought. Should I accidentally pick one up without noticing, will the game let me sell it later? Is there anything in the game that will stop the player from selling the ultimate weapons if they are not wanted?
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User Info: Calmlander

2 months ago#2
You can sell almost anything in your inventory, but, the rule is, if something can be sold for 1 gil, don't sell it, because it's an special item and you'll probably won't see another one like that, or is very rare.

Ultimate Weapons fall in that category.

User Info: UnlessJack

2 months ago#3
Have a Vice in Midgar mug them from you just for the story.
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