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User Info: GoukiAkujiki

1 month ago#21
DynamixDJ posted...
Are we talking about 5th Gen gaming, or all generation? TLOU was pretty amazing, but I can't decide on a favourite game other then FFVII.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World is my favorite 3rd Gen game, Doom's my favorite 4th Gen, Goldeneye/OoT/MGS and FFVII are my fav 5th gen games (and Resi Evil 1), I didn't own a PS2 or XBox, but by brother did, so I'd have to say Ninja Gaiden is my favorite 6th gen game, Dead Space/TLOU are my favorite 7th gen, and I can't really say I have a fav 8th gen game as I don't really play that many games any more, as most of them bore me.

Xbox NG is amazing, particularly NG Black.

User Info: rsnbau

1 month ago#22
The only RPG that I play, that might omit mention in casual conversation is:
Pokémon Yellow for GBC (1st Gen)
I keep an SP with Yellow in it at all times. Usually I keep it in the car, for when I have to wait around for someone/something. Been playing Pikachu’s Beach on it quite a bit lately. Got a score over 5000 the other day. It was a personal best!
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