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User Info: TreeFruit

1 month ago#1
I just started playing this game after wanting to for years, im loving it so far, but I am confused... Aeris just asked if Tifa is my GF, and I feel like I have only had about 5 mins with either of these characters to suddenly decide this. I know that there is a dating mini game later that your choices effect, but is that it ? and does this date decide your final love interest or is it just for fun ? If I say she is my GF does that have any effect on the story or later dialogue ? will it change the way Tifa or Aerith act around me ? I dont wanna block Aeris for good if its the kind of game where you actually have to decide who you date, or is it always just left kind of vague and up to your own head cannon ? I just dont wanna get 10 hours in and realize my decision made no sense once I actually get to understand the story and character relationships more.
NO SPOILERS PLEASE ! :) Thanks ! ^^

User Info: sniperfox29

1 month ago#2
Dating mechanics are just for one scene later on, it has no real influence on the actual plot.
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User Info: simondrake

1 month ago#3
It's for one scene, it's a pretty fun scene but it's not pivotal or a major disaster if you see the one you didn't want. There's four options so it's not just Tifa vs Aeris.
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User Info: Taterzz

1 month ago#4
yes, it's important you say yes. because tifa is the best girl
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User Info: manmouse

1 month ago#5
It affects two things:

1.) the date. There are four possible characters to date, only two are actually likely though unless you know beforehand how to tilt the numbers and go out of your way for it. And yeah, it’s just one scene, or more accurately, a sequence of scenes of going around and doing different stuff across the span of a night. Honestly, both of the likely options are equally worth it. But there’s another thing...

2.) there’s a scene from near the end of the game that is impacted by this too. One version has it being a simpler emotional scene (3 out of four possible dates result in this), but another version has some much more, uh, intimate implications if it just so happens that you dated one particular character. This is tied to one of the two “likely” scenarios, so there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll end up with this if you’re playing normally.

Ultimately, just play according to how you enjoy seeing it play out. As with any RPG, you should play through it a few times over the years if you end up liking it, so you can eventually try to get any of the outcomes you miss.
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User Info: Crazy4Metroid

1 month ago#6
Also, if you want to manipulate the heck out of the system and essentially force the game to have Cloud date the character you prefer, there is a date mechanics guide here at Gamefaqs. All four of your possible date choices start with a preset "affection" value in regard to how they feel about Cloud. I am not going to spoil it for you, but a lot of the choices you have to make in the game and some actions too will either add or deduct points to this affection rating. When the game gets to the point where the date scene takes place, the one out of these four with the highest value becomes Cloud's date.

Some decisions and/or actions add points, some deduct points, and some do both (adding points for one character while simultaneously deducting points for another). Check out the date mechanics faq if you would like to know more.
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