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User Info: Pazto

1 month ago#11
Aerith indeed look Beautiful, and I think (so far), the chara design looks ok, but the battle system looks way too much like XV, Nomura should not be the Game Designer of ANY FF Games IMHO. He do his own thing (KH) but is really not able to do anything else beside that, he also make all the chara look more or less the same. It would be awesome if Sakaguchi make a surprise return, and kick him out. I mean, nomura is ok, but he just make the same thing over and over.
Also I think Microsoft will surprise everyone, showing it in its conference.
More on June, Sony will not be on E3, so yeah...
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User Info: simondrake

1 month ago#12
meirou posted...
Everything’s been disappointing lately, ff15, kh3, GOT. Surely this has to be the end of a run of dissatisfaction

You forgot the two big ones.
Star Trek and Star Wars.
Also Stargate Origins sucked but that wasn't hyped up as much.
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User Info: loseless

1 month ago#13
Couldn't care less about an action RPG rip-off of FF7. When I miss the game I play the game. Remakes and copied ideas have always existed, but lately it seems that studios are obsessed with remakes, reboots, sequels and prequels. Mostly sucking and (almost) always falling short of the originals.

Still, the hordes of FF7 fanboys will beg squenix to pre-order it and it will be the usual useless debate of half saying it sucks and the other half saying it is the greatest thing squenix has ever done.

What bores me more about 7's endless prequels, sequels, sidequels, spin-offs and rip-offs is that none of them used what made FF7's gameplay great: the materia system, the limit system and the combat. They always focus on characters and their stories that no one asked for and end up ruining them in the process. Sephiroth and Cloud have been more retconned by now than the Resident Evil movies.

User Info: BreakevenCloud

1 month ago#14
Looks great to me
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User Info: Lindsay

1 month ago#15
Haven't watched this trailer since they'll prolly be a bigger extended version in June. Also I've never seen FF15 battles or that game in motion period so I've got no frame of reference like ya'll seem to got. Anyways if this is full on action they've got their work cut out for 'em with trying to make 9 different combat styles look an feel unique.

User Info: TomorrowDog

4 weeks ago#16
It doesn't look full-on action tbh, each snippet of gameplay just seems to have a character going through a rigid attack animation, and all of the enemies and other characters in the background of each clip seem to be standing around or moving slow. There's no indication there is aerial combat or more freestyle movement.

The closest I can describe it is it kind of looks like FFXII with Dissidia style one-button moves (or Xenoblade abilities). Which... theoretically wouldn't be terrible. I liked FFXII's battle system, the game was just atrociously paced. With the addition of blocking and dodging though, it would de-emphasize watching and controlling the whole team. My position has been to make an RPG fun you either need to emphasize party control where you can effectively plan out party actions while anticipating enemy actions, or you emphasize individual control where you're basically one part of a frenzied battle and you choose where to take the fight. A watered down action game with some capability to control and issue commands to three characters may be a "functioning" hybrid RPG but I have my doubts if it would actually flow in a fun way.
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