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  3. Its really frustrating. This game sucks so much

User Info: Bad_Mojo

1 month ago#11
DynamixDJ posted...
Pretty sure @Bad_Mojo just finished a Cloud only run, perhaps he can give some pointers?

And I'm only using magic

From my post

Bad_Mojo posted...
Didin't even get a turn against Carry Armor the first time, lol


Got a Typhoon off but then got grabbed for the KO. Did 9,999 to the arms, but they didn't die. Should be easy once I kill the arms off with my next Summon. Just can't get grabbed


Took the lazer to the face at the start and had to play defense. Also hit that god damn Row button again and wasted a turn Grabbed again


Got the damage off again, grabbed the next turn

Typhoon, Beta - Arms are dead! Magic Hammer, Magic Hammer - No more MP! And it's dead!

But you get f***ing Metorain in your game so it should be easy.
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User Info: loseless

1 month ago#12
I haven't tried this and haven't played in a long time, but I seem to recall that it is possible to obtain Sneak Attack in Gold Saucer after getting Cloud back. A Sneak Attack paired with Ultima, Kjata, Neo-Bahamut or Alexander (not sure which would deal more damage) and Circlet / Magic Plus / Wizard Bracelet equipped could give you a great start.

If you hit Sneak Attack and dish a Final Touch, the arms are as good as dead.

The odds of obtaining Sneak Attack are, well, crazy, but not as crazy as getting KoTR. You would also have to bet to get it, as racing would be harder (and more expensive due to greens).

User Info: Lockeadon

2 weeks ago#13
Yeah sneak attack can help you frontload damage to down things faster
Whargarble posted...
I came in here ready for a fight. I'm disappointed.

same lmaoo. This game def sounds like it sucks playing Cloud only

User Info: LaSaiaV2

2 weeks ago#15
Alternatively, pull a Vegh and just KotR it.
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User Info: DynamixDJ

2 weeks ago#16
Hey @LaSaiaV2, long time, hows it going :)
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User Info: teflon

2 weeks ago#17
LaSaiaV2 posted...
Alternatively, pull a Vegh and just KotR it.

That awkward moment when going full Veghbot might actually be the genuinely correct thing to do.
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iwasapoetonce posted...
whenever doing a Cloud only playthrough and you have to fight Carry Armor. Its instant Game over. Does anyone have any tips?

Otherwise, one of the best games ever made, and I can't wait for a remake. If it ever comes out.

Just grind chocobos until you can get KOTR, it outdamages like, everything. Like, maybe not Omnislash or Vincent/Barret with their maxed overflow damage or whatever, but like. If your limits are only doing like 1000 per hit, it's a viable alternative.
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User Info: StretchyFAQ

2 weeks ago#19
Enter the battle with Lucky 7s.
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User Info: Lockeadon

2 weeks ago#20
Depending on level and stats, damage is highly variable per hit, but kotr and limits like omnislash have different advantages. Kotr does fewer hits than high hit limits , but actually do more damage with more targets because it hits every enemy, while the damage from high hit limits is diffused by additional targets
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  3. Its really frustrating. This game sucks so much