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  3. Family Guy needs to have Lois talk about this game (SPOILERS)
In some joke Lois repeats the same thing over and over again. FF7 would be a great thing for her. I'll give examples

What is FF7 about?
Aeris Dies.

What makes FF7 a great game?
Aeris Dies.

Should I play FF7?
Aeris Dies.

Seriously people are to obsessed with this situation that they act like FF7 would be a garbage game if this didn't happen. I have also read that on the remake they wouldn't like it if you could revive a certain character. If Aeris didn't didn't die would it still not be a great game?
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User Info: Lord_Wombat

4 weeks ago#2
If Aeris didn't didn't die would it still not be a great game?

It would.

Is FG even still making episodes?
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User Info: DevsBro

4 weeks ago#3
Well it was one of the best scenes in the game so yeah, naturally it's one of the most discussed points.

Kinda like how nobody really talks about the part where you watch cross the ocean. It really wasn't that memorable.
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User Info: Caution999

4 weeks ago#4
I loved the game and was infatuated with the game before getting to the point where that scene happens, so...yeah, it still would've been a great game.
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User Info: Moogleaxelea13

3 weeks ago#5
There's a lot of scenes that keep getting mentioned. The cross dressing scene, the date at the Golden saucer, Nanaki realising the truth about his father, Cait sith's betrayal and sacrifice, etc. Yes, Aerith's death is the biggest scene in the game, but that's no the only thing that has touched peoples hearts and remained big. Her death was supposed to stand out in peoples mind and it did, but so did other things.
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User Info: XxZiomaxX

2 weeks ago#6
going thru the Cave of the Gi with Bugenhagen and Nanaki hit me harder

Aeris dying was more of a needing vengeance feeling
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User Info: Seahawker

2 weeks ago#7
Please keep that piece of s*** show away from this game!
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  3. Family Guy needs to have Lois talk about this game (SPOILERS)