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  3. Does the average FFVII player actually remember all enemy names like Pokemon?

User Info: slk_23

2 months ago#1
I was wondering this about other people who play Final Fantasy VII. I first got into the game well over ten years ago, and to this day, I still don't know most of the enemies' names. It also doesn't help that:

1. Even displaying the enemies' names is optional (not to mention off by default and therefore completely missable). Only seems to apply to FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX for some odd reason.
2. Most enemies are virtually indistinguishable as you beat them up.
3. Many of the names, if you do see them, are hard to remember.
4. A lot of the enemies have no appearance outside of battle or relevance to the story.
5. A lot of the enemies look more or less the same.
6. There is no monster catching or training mechanic to build an emotional attachment to them.
7. Enemies are not consistent in their appearances between FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX. This makes things even more confusing if you wanted to get heavily invested in all of them.

So it's not like Dragon Quest or Pokemon where the game forces you to see the names of exactly what you're fighting. I go through the game knowing less than half of these enemies' names:

And stuff like Kyuvilduns or Lessaloploth? Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it? It's much easier to remember enemies as "that big house Cloud and Aerith fight before Wall Market" or "the weird triceratops on wheels in the Gongaga reactor." But the walkthroughs and people on this board seem to use their actual names like they're second nature. So I'm wondering: do people use the real names because they're genuinely able to make that mental association, or is it more due to a lack of anything else standardized to refer these enemies to?

User Info: Raiu

2 months ago#2
I don't remember most enemy names (other than the enemies that are common fantasy creatures and/or common Final Fantasy creatures). I try to use their real names as much as possible, though, since Wikis exist, though I'll also throw in a description if the names are weird.

Though the house monster has a very easy name to remember:

User Info: BlockAddition

2 months ago#3
I know a few, generally key enemies like magic pot, mover, tonberry, most bosses etc

Crap like those "green things" in mt nibel I just refer to them as "green things"

I also use various other imaginative names like "weird things", or sometimes "weird things that use x move" or "them squirrel things"

User Info: DynamixDJ

2 months ago#4
Bahba Velamyu comes to mind lol. Nerosuferoth, Mandragora, Gagighandi, Adamantaimai lol, the list is endless.

I know most of the enemies, but that's only cus I work with the game quite a lot.
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User Info: rsnbau

2 months ago#5
I remember most of ‘em. Definitely not all of them 100% of the time though.
Over the years I’ve gotten very familiar with most aspects of the game, so maybe you wouldn’t consider me an “average player” anymore.

User Info: NFITC1

2 months ago#6
For some raisin, I have no trouble remembering Vlakorados's name. Some of the others are pretty memorable like Hell House 'cause of it's out-of-left-field-ness. Eligor is infamous for anyone who's attempted to do AI reversing.

I'm not sure I could tell a Trick Play from a Mu. Names like Zolokalter don't mean anything so it doesn't stick out. I could probably identify ~30% of enemies from their images alone, but I can't guarantee I could spell their names correctly.
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User Info: simondrake

2 months ago#7
There's a lot of reused enemy shapes. I'll see an enemy in Battle Square and think:
"Ah, good old Kalm Fang, a classic enemy"
Nope, Nibel Wolf.

Or as others have said, enemies known by their most annoying attack, the "Lay Flat" bugs and the "Stone stare" lizards spring to mind.
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User Info: teflon

2 months ago#8
I only remember "Touch Me" because of how stupid it is.
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User Info: 5hape5hifter

2 months ago#9
Could be a translation thing, if the japanese names doesn't have nothing in english... nah, some names are still just plain weird like stated before.

To answer the question. Been awhile since I last played but having a hard time remembering those names. The biggest monsters come back more easily than smaller ones for some reason.

User Info: WingedMasamune

2 months ago#10
NFITC1 posted...
...I'm not sure I could tell a Trick Play from a Mu.

Mu are more reddish brown right? I'm probably wrong, just going off of memory and nothing else.

Not that I've ever paid any attention to them before. I think I could probably recognize most enemies. Names though, not likely. Give me multiple choice.

Edit: I was wrong about the color, they're tan/brown, but I was correct in mentally placing them by the Chocobo Farm.
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(edited 2 months ago)
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