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    This thread is a catch-all place to discuss the game concepts raised during the riddles in Guess The Thing.

    In the last few riddles we've had a few rare concepts brought up that people have wanted to discuss but didn't want to derail the main riddle thread about it.
    - There's a single dialog box where Red XIII is called "Red" before you get to name him
    - There's a guy on the curb in the opening cutscene that looks a bit like Zack (Not much but it's a running joke that he's supposed to be Zack)
    - Robot enemies have a unique death animation where they shatter - why?

    So on the topic of the robots having a unique death animation, DynamixDJ pointed out:
    "there are quite a few enemies that have Actions stored on them in the same way as Attacks, and when they die the AI script manually disables the normal death animation to play out the custom animation (like with Turks, Rufus, Warning Board). The action they used is usually called (Vanish)."
    Which is the case for most enemies with a 'platform' like Mu. But it's not listed as a custom animation or Death Counter Attack on either Terrance's guide or on FFWikia. That might be because it's done in a different way.

    There are a handful of enemies with another form of special death animation, Jokers and Death Dealers will spin on their vertical axis like a ballet dancer as they die. 8-Eyes melts into a puddle as it dies. This was extended in FF8 and beyond where almost enemies had an actual death animation but I think in FF7 it's only a handful.

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