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User Info: simondrake

2 months ago#41
I was 99% sure I was right but it's been a while since I played and even longer since I'd won.

1. I am first seen on Disk 1.
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User Info: 1ofaDragon

2 months ago#42
Lord of Arcana post-game maniac

User Info: FactoidHunter

2 months ago#43
Shinra sign on the case cover

User Info: BreakevenCloud

2 months ago#44
Mako leak that Aerith is looking at in opening FMV
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User Info: nolanaced

2 months ago#45
Don Corneo
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User Info: alphapipi

2 months ago#46
JAFAX 23:June 7th - June 9th , 2019 in Grand Rapids, MI. | |
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User Info: Reciful_II

2 months ago#47
It doesn't matter what I put in here, it's probably been done already

User Info: AlexFF

2 months ago#48
"LOVELESS" sign during the opening cutscene

User Info: codemann8

2 months ago#49
Shinra manager

User Info: ShurikenKat

2 months ago#50
The Kalm Nibelheim flashback, when Cloud is taking Zack’s place
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  3. Guess The Thing LXXX *SPOILERS!*
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