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    Even if you do something extremely dumb and bring a level 7 Cloud to that fight with the Buster sword and only do 11 damage (or whatever) the script is actually written to kill Sephi after he makes Cloud counter attack.

    That’s something I would definitely try, but I haven’t progressed my level 8 Cloud file past the destruction of Mideel (or even played that file in over a year). Maybe I’ll duplicate the file just to try this.
    I remember using level 8 Omnislash on Ying/Yang, but I don’t remember how pitiful the damage was. I have a feeling that even at that low a level, Omnislash would probably kill Sephiroth without triggering the counter attack.

    How could you get level 8 Cloud to Mideel? Wouldn’t he have leveled up more than that?
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