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User Info: codemann8

2 months ago#351

User Info: simondrake

2 months ago#352
The Shinra Guard in the Nibelheim Flashback that is secretly Cloud.
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User Info: valleyboy86

2 months ago#353

User Info: rsnbau

2 months ago#354
Don Corneo

User Info: DynamixDJ

2 months ago#355
Wall Market Materia Shop owner
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User Info: FactoidHunter

2 months ago#356

User Info: umihoshi

2 months ago#357
I don't really know how this works, but.... 'Slash-All command'?
there's only one, because it turns into flash when leveled. so you can't ever have more then one slash-all command, even if you do have more slash-all materia.

User Info: 1ofaDragon

2 months ago#358
The kid trying to unlock the door to gi cave
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User Info: Reciful_II

2 months ago#359
Yuffie disguised as a news reporter
It doesn't matter what I put in here, it's probably been done already

User Info: Dinglemen24

2 months ago#360
Mayor of Midgar in the Shinra Building on the 63rd floor.
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