2 months ago #14
    VII has a more contemporary approach to world-building and nowadays, more than ever, is a very relatable story with very current themes to it. I strongly feel VI is a better design game and has better overall quality to it (especially in the writing and world-building aspects), but its like comparing pancakes to waffles: its the same doe, just baked slightly differently...

    The translation in VII is an issue, however. While it won't ruin the game for a first time player, you will miss some subtle aspects of the narrative, especially certain plot clues that are given, if you go with it.

    I believe one of the PC versions has the correct translation, so I would recommend that to you.

    If you enjoy VI, you'll probably enjoy IX as well. As for VIII, well, take it with a truck load of salt... It has great moments and some great things in it. But I think many of its hit and miss elements ended up missing. Still a quality game and quite enjoyable experience, especially for those into meta-gaming.

    Go back to at least IV and V as well. V has the best job system ever and is amazingly fun to play. It also has great characters in it. And IV is the best FF after VI in my opinion. Amazing story, great characters, great aesthetics. Can't go wrong there.

    X is a different take on the series. It was completely designed by a different team and it shows. Its a very good game, but of a different kind. X-2 is even more hit and miss than VIII. XII, if you manage to play the zodiac version, its amazing. Again, very different, but extremely fresh and unique, while maintaining a few familiar elements.

    I didn't play the PS3 games nor the last one. Pretty much said "screw you guys, I'm going home" after that.